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  1. Well they keep changing it, here it is again https://www.charlotteobserver.com/entertainment/movies-news-reviews/article255224686.html
  2. Fox news dude, plastered all over the news page! https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/rust-director-joel-souza-injured-in-movie-set-shooting-speaks-out-i-am-gutted
  3. Moments before the fatal shooting, Assistant Director Dave Halls grabbed a prop gun off the cart and brought it inside to Baldwin, unaware that it was loaded with live rounds, a detective wrote in the application. "Cold gun," Halls yelled. It wasn't, according to court records. Instead, when Baldwin pulled the trigger, he killed Hutchins and wounded Souza, who was standing behind her. So folks, how many wrongs can we find here?
  4. Just curious, did early hollywood westerns use any 44 Henrys with blanks? Most rifles used the 5 in 1 blanks which would be 73's, or 92's with the forearm removed.
  5. and some of those prop guns were actually used in the Cavalry! http://www.swshana.com/gun_website/Colt_SAA_SNs.pdf
  6. wont be long and even those with surplus will be out. This will not end soon so ya better just stop shooting and hold off for a while
  7. Good reply, This leads me to think exactly just how much "surplus" did they have for an ammunition that was supposedly "obsolete" as soon as it came out. Lets look at the timeline and see if it helps. 45 Colt SAA Order Contract Signed July 23rd, 1873 By Oct 1873, the 45 Colt was loaded with only 30gr of BP with the 250gr bullet...before anyone (6th and 10th Cav Units) were issued their Colts (by Nov 28, 1873). First 8,000 ordered, shipped to Springfield, Mass, received in Lots of 1,000. sn#'s 200 to 1,222 received Nov 28, 1873, sn#s 1,224 to 2.336 received Dec 19th, 1873 The 7th received sn#'s 4,516 to 5,521 Jan 31st, 1874, of which only 755 were issued. Thru August 1874, the 45 Colt ammunition was loaded with the 250gr lead with 30gr of powder. Winchester's 1875 catalog shows the 45 Colt with a centerfire case.....not found at TLBH that I know of...this rules out civilian purchase or theft of civilian ammunition by the Warriors. By 1875, Colt/Schofield 28gr of powder with a 230gr lead bullet. The battle took place June 26, 1876 Did Custer's 7th have any Schofield revolvers? It would seem stupid to mix the two cartridges during battle. So between August 1874 and July 1876, it looks like the 45 Colt cartridge was still widely used and in great supply during TBTLBH.
  8. Seriously...that's the best ya got? C'mon guys, put those thinking caps on.
  9. During the Archeological surveys over the years at the battle site, numerous Frankford Arinsal 45 Colt cases were recovered. Interestingly enough, many were the longer cases that were supposedly phased out by the end of 1873. Thoughts?
  10. As many may know I have been working on date codes for Winchester, Western, UMC and Remington ammo boxes. These codes are the same for any cartridge but I have tailored them to the 44-40. I did not break this code. Several other guys broke the codes as early as five years ago. From 1873 to today...the main ink stamp codes didn't start till 1906. There is a dead zone between July 1920 to 1928 where it appears they may have used the C. C. Murray Cryptographic Marking Means (hole punches). If you guys were to print this spreadsheet, it would take 48 pages of rows and columns. Feel free to post your codes or PM them to me so I can add them to the list. I have enough to get a ball park idea of the changes from one design to the next. I know most hate to click links but how can I post a 48 page spreadsheet here? Attached is an example screen shot. It doesn't stop there. At the bottom are tabs that link to 19 other topics. 44-40 Cartridges Powder Time-Line Cartridge Box Details Cartridge Box dates Date Codes Winchester/Western Date Codes UMC/Remington Western "Target Box" Details Label Dates 44-40 Cartridge Codes 44-40 Ballistics Olin Time Line 44 Henry Misc 45 Colt Ammo History some other misc. Here is the link - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jy0pGqWPRx2HOQqufbcnEM1lv6tCWBJsCOB8vLIDOIg/edit#gid=1860800684
  11. Myths are amazing aren't they? I can think of a few more myths myself, directly related to this cartridge.
  12. Yeap, the cartridge photo in Winchester's 1875 catalog shows the external center fire priming system. It is my understanding that later boxes or at least early UMC boxes show the Hobbs and Orcutt patent while later boxes (1876ish) only show the Hobbs patent. 1875 Winchester catalog (listed under Center-Fire cartridges) 1895 Winchester catalog
  13. It was right under my nose the whole time. Winchester offered center fire cartridges for Colt's 45 in their 1875 catalog. I also spotted this box. Winchester did not start sealing their boxes until mid-1874. This box could be 1873 or even maybe 1874. Winchester did not start headstamping their cases until 1884ish. This sheds a lot of light on civilians, Cowboys, Outlaws and Lawmen carrying the 45 Colt as early as 1874/1875. Interestingly there is little to no examples of civilian cartridges prior to 1884.....except for this one. I bet there is more, maybe I have been looking in the wrong place.
  14. Double clutch it to drop the carrier, then load it right into the chamber...might take some practice to be fast but I do it all the time....just real slow...like from a bench rest slow...lol https://www.full30.com/v/deadly-weird-hntKU
  15. John was awesome....here are a few important topics he posted about the 44-40. https://sites.google.com/view/44winchester/chasing-the-44-40/contributors/john-kort
  16. I chose the 43-214A for my Reloder 7 application. My purpose is for accuracy at longer distances "200 to 300 yards" as well as to retain velocity and energy. The 43-214A is also a replica of the 427098 with slight modifications to the o'give BUT does not have a crimp groove for low volume smokeless pistol powders. Works well with black powder general use. When using black powder loads for the same purpose, but for many shots without wiping, I use the 43-215C with a large lube groove. Works great for CAS with the large lube groove and has a crimp groove for those that desire smokeless powder loads. For CAS and smokeless powder, the 200gr "Magma" works great, which is the most popular commercial made hard cast bullet. The 43-205C works well and uses less lead.
  17. ooops, my bad, I hit the wrong something...trying to fix it. Never was good with compyter stuff
  18. True but geeeesh...nevermind Okay Karen....here we go If Bob buys 50 brass pieces at a cost of $14.50. On the second use, it cost $7.25...by the 100th use, $0.145. If you are that anal, by all means....count it!!!
  19. Short answer: Yes, if it can hover, even if overloaded...it can stay in ground effect until it picks up speed (like an airplane), then it can climb. of course if it is not too over loaded. By the same token, if he gets it flying and has a problem, same rule applies, he has to land like an airplane or risk stalling the blades and crashing.
  20. Not exactly...break the cost down over each reload cycle until eventually it cost nothing.
  21. I though I'd share this, maybe someone can use it to start one of their own. I did not include the cost of primers because I am still using old stash. Just add another $3.75 for each 50 round box. Use Caution, I failed math and computer class!!!!! 44-40 Cost Per 50 Rounds
  22. Well technically it's a 5" spinner but since I have yet to see it spin, I call it a gong!!! ...and nope, not at 300...lol
  23. Oh, I did want to say that once I get the POA for 225 yards, then I can adjust and write down all the numbers for each zero I desire. This 6x scope doesn't have all the "bells and whistles" the new scopes offer and the dials are a bit scary to turn...too easy for a slip and no way to zero the dials back out. If that happened, rather than start all over....I would remove the scope. So far, after many hundreds of rounds, it still holds zero at "200" yards....and I just don't want to touch it. Here is what I have documented so far on the trajectory of my custom loads when zeroed in at "225" yards. 25 yards = +4 1/4" 50 yards = +8" 75 yards = +12 1/2" 100 yards = +14 1'2" 125 yards = not yet challenged 150 yards = +13 1/2" 175 yards = not yet challenged 200 yards = +6 1/2 225 yards = working on it now 250 yards = not yet challenged 265 yards = - 28 3/4" Just for kicks, I placed a 10 shot 3" group, of 1992 Winchester Super-X loads, low left at 50 yards. This was with my Marlin 1894CB and open sights.
  24. Glad you asked. It is only a 6X scope and by the time I get the scope back on target, I missed seeing the hit placement. I could not see the hits at all. Every so often I would stop and rewind the video I had mounted to the spotting scope, but even through the small phone screen I still could not correctly ID the placements. A couple of times I did aim, then look at the phone when I shot...then I could see I was close. I thin decided to just shoot for placement and adjust for the next trip to the range. When I got home and loaded them up on my desk top, I could then see how ever so close they were. If I had known at the time, I would have. I was POA on the 5" gong and most hits were 5" low and slightly right. I had several videos going and when I put them all together, it was easy to see what I was doing wrong when I did try to do something else. In the video you can even see that once I held the rifle but and still hit in the same place. I even took a dry erase marker and marked the hits on my computer screen I am glad you can see the target at 200 yards. I can't...either the target is blurry or the sights are blurry and is why I had to switch to a scope. Also, I have the scope adjusted where I want it at 200 yards, my objective was to shoot for placement and use "elevation" only rather than adjust the scope. I have my POA set for 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 265 and was setting it for 225. One camera at the target and one on me. I also have a gopro at the target. POA at 200 yards in order to place hits on target.
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