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My friend today placed an order at the local Tractor Supply Co. store for 25pc.  4'x16' wire mesh cattle panels.  The sale price was very good at $36 / panel.  He did not have a 16' trailer, and so he asked if they could deliver the panels to his site, about 18 miles away.  The young lady on the phone told him the delivery charge would be $7,000.  (That is -- SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS or $280 per panel). 

My friend was stunned.  He asked to speak with the store manager.  

It turns out the delivery charge was $70.00 (still very high at almost $4 / mi).


The original young clerk apparently didn't know what the decimal point meant and had no visualization at all of the magnitude of the price she was quoting!

O----M-----G !!! 

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The bend and fit in the bed of an f150 or utility trailer.
















Take a couple ratchet straps tie the bases together to forn an arch
















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52 minutes ago, Smokin Gator SASS #29736 said:

Less then $3 per panel delivered would not be out of line to me if I couldn't pick them up myself.


If they're gonna load 'em, bring 'em to my location and unload 'em for $70.00...I'm gonna give those two fella's a $20.00 tip and tell 'em lunch is on me guys.



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