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Winchester Miroku 357/38 for sale: SOLD

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This is a 1873 Winchester Miroku with action work by Donald Jones “Codymatic”. It is very smooth. Includes enlarged front site, lever wrap, and stock cover. It is absolutely ready to shoot in a match. Please let me know if questions. Would prefer to ship as an individual to your FFL. But will ship from my FFL for $50. Asking $1400 shipped if I ship as an individual  to your FFL or add $50 if my FFL ships. Payment by money order or Zelle. 












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I paid $1,750 for my bone-stock Miroku 1873 in 44-40. It was a Shot Show special from the CoViD cancelled show.


A stock Miroku runs well out-of-the-box, I''m sure this slicked one is even sweeter.


This gun is a great deal, someone grab it! My safe is full and I am not in the market for a 3rd 1873 (I picked up a great slicked Uberti in .357 a while back).


On edit: Love the leather work, may need to contact DJ for that lever wrap.

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I love my Codymatic and am getting my backup done by him in the near future so they are identical. Can't go wrong on this rifle. 



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Please buy this rifle!  I have an Uberti that is fixed up and probably faster but...I have ALWAYS loved the Miroku!  Nothing smoother out of the box and this one has even had work done. If I could...

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Bought a used Long Hunter tuned CZ Coach Gun here on the wire from Tarheel Doc about a year or so ago.  You just scored a very nice rifle from an honest professional.  I'm sure you will love it!   

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