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  1. That is the Hebrew letter 'tav' on the right and a 'tzade' on the left. Must be Israeli.
  2. If we keep 22 as a category that will help new shooters out. Would have been appreciated when I started a few years ago. 22s aren't super popular. I don't see them every taking over but it is a nice option. Easier to do than having a stack category. When I bring a friend I let them shoot my 22s. Good intro to the sport but they all want to move on the the 'real' guns! I like my 44s better too!
  3. So...what is it? I have a Mid 624 that could use one
  4. Hag semeach to you and yours haver!
  5. Oh well. I am one of the odd ones that actually likes the hammer block safety. I like to load 6 when I walk about in the country. Thanks for looking though. Surprised it has not yet sold. I love the brushed nichol look and I am told they wear really well too.
  6. Indeed. The Taylorite are the most dangerous sects.
  7. Hey hey hey! Watch that language in the saloon! Only Martins here.
  8. I bought this 73 as a basket case. One issue, no stock. The aftermarket one I bought was way better walnut but really dark even b4 refinishing. Existing fore end was that crazy red. I couldn't get the stock to match the red so I just re-did both. Much better. The pics look red but they are actually browner.
  9. Humm. I have a shortened stock on my 73 that I might trade. I refinished it though so it might not look the same as your fore end. If u wanna pic let me know.
  10. Thanks. I will look at the Garand group and the forum. Can't do glock. They r part of the evil empire. .
  11. Is SASS a CMP organization? NRA is not. Form requires membership in a org. Thanks.
  12. Google clothe drawstring bags. Click on an etsy link. They sell for 15-20 for 10. Good stuff
  13. I live in Tyler and started CAS about 2 yrs ago. I have shot at both of these clubs. VERY friendly and helpful shooters. Both have really nice stages. It will spoil you a little bit when you go to some of the other clubs. I joined Oakwood because they do Sunday shoots and Saturdays are tough for me. Can't go wrong with either. Good luck and pm if you have a question Tommy Reb can't answer.
  14. Beautiful guns! I am a 44 nut and ended up with old Vaqs 44s but would have loved to have the. New Models. Bad thing about having Rugers, I cant justify getting 2 "back ups"! Good luck on your sale!
  15. If you end up shooting CAS in the future you will wish you had purchased the Uberti and the cost difference is significant. If you never start doing CAS the Uberti will make you crazy. Miroku is such a sweet rifle out of the box you will love it for any other type of shooting. It also shoots well in CAS but for me it was fun getting an Uberti and fixing it up. You cant do that with the Miroku but the Miroku is the better rifle out of the box, no question. It just cost so much more! Gute nacht.
  16. I got some when I ran out of red dot. I use the same scoops I used with red dot and shoot 38 spec and 44 spec\mag. Works great and not NEAR as dirty as red dot and just as bulky. I would buy 3 pounds if I could find any!
  17. I have one just like that! It is paired with a stainless OV 44 mag. If u want a trade I would do the stainless 44 mag plus $100 for ur 44-40 with the 44 mag cylinder included. I have SBH hammers but I could switch back to the original. Whichever way u liked.
  18. Filled with envy...
  19. Thank you! That scenario made my day!
  20. I love my 2 wranglers but a stainless single six...that is a beautiful gun! Someday... The best 22 out there though is the H&R 999 top break 9 shot. So fun to shoot. If u can find a 4" barrel jump on it! Someday I will get another and cut it down to 4" if needs be.
  21. I do some security at a school. Licensed by the State but NOT a peace officer. We are taught that when someone points a firearm they have shown their intent and we can shoot regardless of whether he has already fired or not. Every state will have different rules. In fact we have been told to be aware of the politics in every county we might be in, in our state. Different DAs=different likely hood of being charged. Do the right thing. Don't be eager to oull the trigger but don't be frozen in i decision either.
  22. Wish I had the cash or a decent trade to offer! Great gun.
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