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Iowa or Indiana ??

Chili Ron

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Not pinchin' your post but be thankful you have a choice..here down -under yes there are some great states with beautiful weather, scenery , landscape etc to choose from  BUT all of em' have buffoon chooks in goverment that want to grab our guns  !!!! ..that's besides a lot of other crap they want to  bring in or change etc .....

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i posted before assuming you wanted a lateral move , im back to point out that moving is a bunch of BS as most of us that have done it know , older you get less fun it is , why not look carefully at where you want to be , id never move to cold again , i know - im in the cold , i also got family here , ill never live long enough to escape i think , but could i do it over [before family] id not be here , id be south in sunshine and warmth , 


yes i plow my snow , yes , i live here for family , but if i could id be on the equator ............hope there are CAS ranges and fine folks i find here to enjoy shooting with , 

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5 hours ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:


Des Moines?


The other side of the barrel says Restoration of Old Fort Des Moines on it.... 




I was in the Navy reserves at Fort Des Moines. One of the SASS clubs here is the Fort Des Moines Rangers. It's an excellent range and hosts the State championship. 

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