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Sold: Dillon Square Deal B new in box, .45 ACP

Hashknife Cowboy

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I would rather sell to a CAS, after the 31st it will be on consignment at a LGS :


For Sale:  New in box - Dillon Square Deal B with .45 ACP dies

$400.00 and I get shipping.  Does not have the black strong mount base, powder sensor, metal bullet tray, extra bin and tools in picture.  







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8 minutes ago, Worst Case Scenario said:

I'm just getting started reloading so sounds like I'll be set for a while! Thanks all!

Keep an eye on ebay for another primer set up. Makes switching calibers way easier if are loading with both large and small primers. With tool heads, it takes only a minute or two to change to another caliber. I load 4 different ones currently and very rarely have an oops.

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19 minutes ago, Lucky Lawdog said:

if its new, in the box, it will have both primer set ups. At least it did in mine. 

The whole thing, so all you need to do is pull the 3 screws and switch the whole unit? Nice! Mine only came with the drop tube and punch, which meant readjusting every time you switched.

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