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Meandered through Walnut Canyon Nat Monument near Flagstaff today. Worked up an appetite. Ate my last macadamia nut cookie from Hawaii. Home tomorrow. Maybe.












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Glad you have that stick. It seems people that walk normally around town just can’t stay upright in the woods. :rolleyes:






The devil made me do it. :lol:

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I've been using a single hiking stick like UB's on any trail or rough ground for a long time, even though I don't (yet) need it on the sidewalks. It's a very good idea, especially on the downhills.


My 52-year-old daughter also always uses one on the trail after a stumble when we were on a backpack trip, while we were coming out downhill. Especially with a pack, which creates a high center of gravity. She hit the trail face down, broke her nose and an arm; all in an instant.


Since then, always a pole. Gives a lot of extra stability on rough ground.

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