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I believe Chiappa offers a factory '87 with the 2 drop mod already in place, for what that's worth.


Lassiter would be my go to guy if my Coyote Cap '87 ever gives me problems.


I too am curious who else there might be.



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Somebody did take over for Coyote Cap at Ahlman's Gun Shop.  I had an IAC 87 that I sent to Cap about 2-years before he passed away.  After a while Cap admitted that the gun was actually in Minnesota and not in his mobile trailer in Arizona.  To be fair, whoever the new guy is at Ahlman's did make a total turd of an IAC into a functioning 87 that worked great with a fully stoked mag tube, one on the carrier, and one in the chamber but the drop two didn't work very well.  More like a drop one on the carrier and start one into the chamber.  The "catch" that held the carrier at the proper height for the "drop two" feature to work was very glitchy.  

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If loading the mag tube does not matter to you and you want max speed Lassiter and Slater are your best / only choses . Lassiter did both mine and I intend to send one to Slater soon. Can’t go wrong .

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