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  1. I to have a set of Californians and a set of alchemistas. I prefer the army grips. I love them and would buy them again in a instant.
  2. Someone please buy these I do not need another set and this is killing me!!
  3. I will take #10. Zip is 40484. PM me total and how you want payment. Thanks, Youngson
  4. Is that $50 shipped for the slicker? If so I will take it.
  5. I have never paid anything for a background check. If you have a Kentucky CCW they do not do a call just use the number from you CCW permit.
  6. I will be at the yard sale Thursday morning and would like to look at it. I will look for you.
  7. I use 6 gr of Tite Group with 180 gr RNFP both rifle and pistols. Works well for both.
  8. Can’t wait. See you all there!
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