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  1. Anyone other than Lassiter do two shot drop conversions on 1887's.
  2. Lefty, I see you are from Canada. God Bless You! But one question must be answered, the guy that DQ'd the shooter, was he named Trudeau? Just asking.
  3. Count Luther and Lady Justice in for the tour. Thanks for offering this.
  4. Got one from Long Hunter. After two boxes of shells thru the gun it is very smooth and easy to manipulate. Long Hunter is the best!
  5. Thanks to all that responded to my request. It is much appreciated. I have used Clay's for 20 years so changing is a bit of a challenge. Again thanks for all your help.
  6. I would like some help on loads for the above. 38 special with 125 grain bullets and 45 Colt with 200 grain. Any help would be appreciated.
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