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Global Facebook Ban?

John Kloehr

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I don’t use FB or Instagram. 
I almost signed up for Instagram the other day because my favorite LGS posts sales and specials on there as well as their latest inventory. I was about halfway into signing up when it dawned on me that FB owns Instagram. I bailed out. If I need to know what sales they have or what inventory they have I can drop in. 

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21 hours ago, Yul Lose said:

I got banned permanently after the election. Don’t miss it.

I left on my own terms before that happened.
My next term in FB jail would have been forever.

They didn't like my photoshop image of Hillary being led to the gallows.
When they censored the president of the United States... that was it.
I closed my business and personal FB accounts, gave 'em the finger and walked away.

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My son called last night for our bi-weekly get together.  This subject came up and I asked him< a texting maniac, how it effected him.  He told me almost died.  Said he nearly had a stroke laughing at everyone going panicky and reading all the email crap that hit the wires.

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