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Bye, bye July 4?

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48 minutes ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

I totally disagree! This is nothing but a celebration of blacks being freed, it has nothing to do with anything else! Like Utah Bob said, "Much ado about nothing" You guys are reading way too deep into this!

We’ll disagree.

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If the  "woke" liberals have their way by changing our history, our culture, our freedoms, then it will eventually morph into the United States becoming Communist.

Keep your powder dry pards. 


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In the spectrum of cultural issues I worry about, Juneteenth supplanting July 4th is not on my radar. 

In no particular, these are some of the topics that keep me awake at night...


Tribalization due to social media. 

Lack of quality interaction with people of diverse views.

The use of “they” to make broad and inaccurate statements about people with whom we think we disagree, but whom we’ve never taken time to meet. 

The over use of texting and typing, and the rising false belief that these characters can make for a quality relationship. 

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