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And Eventually It Becomes Bullets ....

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I worked in a similar facility, but on a much larger scale, from '78 to '01. Toward the end, we even acquired a couple small rotary melters, as in the video, to do low-volume reclamation and recycling of batteries and circuit boards. The main operation would typically turn out about 200 tons of "finish lead" every 24 hours, which were shipped out by rail in 10 ton pigs, ten to a car, to another ASARCO plant that would go through a more refined process to separate the lead, gold, & silver.

Even though it was a lead and copper smelter, the number one product ended up being "food grade" sulfuric acid, due to vastly improved emission controls instituted in the 70's.

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I think that's too large a scale for the few hundred bullets I cast in a year... :unsure:

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3 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

This one just popped up the other day.


When I was doing this, the process was the same, even a lot of the equipment, but on an even larger scale. Ten ton pigs instead of hundred pounders, one hundred tons to a rail car instead of fifty, an overhead crane to skim dross instead of the two men scooping it out into a skip, etc.

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