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Did you know that LBJ was being investigated on Capital Hill that morning in November.  After he took the oath of office: all the documents at that hearing we gathered up and never seen again.   LBJ should have been a lesson to America: he almost managed to destroy the country, but this time I think his son will pull it off completely.  

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Just remember Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, also owns that shining light in a world of darkness called the Washington Post; a news outlet dedicated 24/7 to stoking divisions and contempt for any individual part of the progressive hay ride.

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9 hours ago, bgavin said:

On the plane back from Dallas, LBJ ordered his people to confiscate all of JFK's papers and documents.
They got there just a bit too late... JFK's admin already removed those papers to an undisclosed location.


The great thing is, that when the contemporary conspiracy theories peter out, the hoariest of them all is still there to fall back on!

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