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  1. Grandpa, Really John Glen and Jim Webb were both so Liberal they would get along fine in the New Marines.
  2. Mr. Kelly is like a lot of peace time Naval officers. His career will always come before his country.
  3. I finished the Florida State Match clean with one
  4. I did and had fun. Shot slow and clean.
  5. This company has a great price compared to Lockton. Started using them this year because of all the problems with the NRA. https://www.gunandtrophy.com/
  6. Why would any gun owner belong to AARP?
  7. I'm in this Category " You enjoy heavy, hot, tedious, repetitive, dirty work". I find shooting boring but love cast and reload.
  8. With the cost of shot you may want to used 3/4 oz load. Clay works great for that. We have been using this load for shooting clays. Check out the Hodgdon site. http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/shotgun
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