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Need loads for 160-165 gr. Russian

Thunder Creek Kid

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I've been using 4.0 grains of Titegroup with the Badman 165 grainer, or a 200 grain wadcutter with whatever it takes of black powder or substitute to fill the space. Light recoil and meets the smoke standard.


3.5 - 4.0 grains Red Dot should work fine with a 165 grain bullet.

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Hey Kid:

This was in my files.

See ya at Tusco on Saturday


https://www.prairiedawg.net/nick/Hodgdon 44 Russian.pdf


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Thunda Creek  :)


I can't help ya with the Red Dot.  When I still dabbled in that Heathen Fad Smokeless Stuff, I was real fan of Tight Group.  4.0, Sarge Pistol Primer of Choice, 160 or 165Gr Bullet of choice.  Starline Brass.  Since my enlightenment, Enough Real Powder to fill the case.  Or, Enough APP 3f to fill the case.  Mostly I use Federal Large Pistol Magnum primers.  Magnum Primers aren't necessarily required, I just like 'em with Real Powder and Subs.  Absolutely GREAT CARTRIDGE.

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