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Trigger Mike

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I have a delta hand held shower that has a fixed head as well.  It leaks where the head attaches to the flexible hose Sometimes.   It leaks.more at one angle.over others.  I took it apart and there is a washer down in the hose near the end but it looks intact.


If i put plumbers tape on the threads of the shower head would it help or is it something else?

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6 hours ago, bgavin said:

No.  Tape on the threads won't help.

MIne has a round ball and a sealing gasket.
Delta is a name brand, perhaps you can get a gasket kit.

What he said, ^^^^^ but you might need the exact model number. I bought a kit for a Moen faucet going by looks alone and the parts didn’t fit. It took a second try to get the right parts. I had that problem with another faucet as well. 

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38 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

Tape will cause the fitting to crack. They are not very strong.  Look closely for cracks. If you don't find any you might have to replace the hose.

Turns out I do have to replace the hose.  I had bought another set for another shower and hadn't installed it yet,  so after the first 2 replies I took the new hose and installed it and it didn't leak.   I will get a new hose.  

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