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Col Del Rio

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My son bought a couple of SPYPOINT  that pictures to our IPhones twice a day.   Have had really good luck for the year they have been up.   You receive 100 pictures per month free.  Closer to deer season, he bumps the capacity to 250 for $5.   Talked about moving 1 to my building site for security.  They can be set to send pictures when they detect movement instead of twice a day.   They have been running for a year on the lithium batteries.    Too tech for me   LOL but enjoy the pictures.    GW

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Both of my previous game cameras crapped out at the end of last hunting season.  After about 2 years, even the expensive cameras succumb to the elements.  So since my other cameras were toast, and I'm building a house that I'd like to keep any eye on, I decided to buy a cellular game camera so I can monitor the construction site and then use it later during hunting season.  A buddy of mine has several Spypoint cameras and recommended them, so I bought the Spypoint camera that was on sale at Academy Sports for $99.  Setting up the camera and the phone app was super easy, but the clarity of the pictures was less than desirable.  The biggest drawback was that the temperature recorded on the grainy pictures was consistently 15 to 20 degrees cooler than actual outside temps.  Not a big deal while monitoring a construction site, but crucial if using the camera for hunting purposes.


After over a month of contacting Spypoint's customer service and getting futile grasping-at-straws attempts to fix the problem, I finally threw up my hands, took the camera back to Academy, and for $20 more brought home a Moultrie camera.  Far superior pictures than the Spypoint, and temperatures that are exactly accurate.  The Moultrie app is a little harder to set up, but their customer service crew helped me out with it over the phone, and everything works perfectly.  Spypoints are like a Taurus handgun.  You either get a good one that will run perfectly, or you'll get a dud that their customer service can't/won't do anything with.


My advice:  Get the Moultrie.

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