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18 minutes ago, Chas B. Wolfson, SASS #11104 said:

:FlagAm:  I would like to replicate what the Port A John truck uses at places like EOT to connect to a RV waste valve to pump out the tanks.  Getting ready for our trip to TN and this would be useful for the two weeks parked.  Truck comes in to pump the Port A Johns at the range.  Maybe this is just an adapter to the waste valve that has a coupler attached that would connect to the truck wand.  

Thanks for any info.


Chas BB)



Your best bet is to contact the Port A John people.

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The truck pumps the waste. I think you might have a problem with damaging the integrity of your tank which is designed to empty by gravity. I think you should check with the portajohn place or an RV dealer.

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A macerator pump and a green hose (not to be confused with a white hose) will allow you to pump your black tank into any toilet at any outdoor-entrance john at a gas station.


In addition, you will want a spray bottle with bleach and disposable gloves. And paper towels and garbage bags. Please clean up after yourself.


What is macerator pump? Think kitchen garbage disposal for poo and paper...

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