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Red Cent

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Works well for me but I don’t do real long range. I can’t see spending as much for a spotter as a gun. 

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Difficult to find anything that does not have 20X-60X, BAK4 lens, porro prisms ad nauseam. That Zeiss that sales for around $4000.00 is probably a pretty piece of glass. However, that $3800.00 that is still in the bank might fund my 40-65 rolling block build since no one wants to buy my Marlin 336CB in 38-55. 


The RedField Rampage at $200.00 is a good buy and has a great reputation for having very good glass. 


The Celestron Ultima is a reputable spotting scope.



All for around 200 bucks. 

Too many offered and buyer needs information for feeling of comfort. 

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RC-I have been using this scope for almost 10 yrs now.

No complaints, and the glass is tops. Read the reviews of this scope on bird watcher sites.

Cry once-buy once..........




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Glass is one place you get what you pay for.  I also found that with better glass say $1k+ you don’t need as much magnification which helps for longer ranges.   My kowa with a 25x was much better than an old bushnell at 60x.  Lower magnification is less effected by mirage.  

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Whatever glass you get be sure to get a very solid stand.

Even 8 power binocs work very well with a solid stand.

And small tubes on front to cut glare help as well.

Try rolled up black paper and masking tape.

Make a tube about three times as long as the lens is wide.

Just try with and without.




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