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TN. Williams: The DQ King

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Nope, its not the kind of DQ we get at a match.


He is a Dairy Queen King.


I was talking with him tonight as he pulled into McDonalds and got a ice cream cone.

THEN...... he travels up the road to Dairy Queen (while eating the ice cream cone) and 

pulls into DQ and orders up a banana split with caramel and pineapple toppings just to

compare which one has a better tasting ice cream.


He IS the DQ King.   The DQ Queens call him...... 'Nanner'.


This is a true story.




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Yep, true story. Don't judge me this was in the interest of science.

    I pulled up to the window at DQ and the girl gave me the total. She looked at me, then she looked at my ice cream cone, then she looked back at me. I locked eyes with her. Then I took a big lick of my ice cream cone as I gave her my money.

   By the way, Ive tried all the combinations of pineapple and caramel. They taste the best with caramel on each end and pineapple in the middle.

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TN Williams and Ice Cream is like Godzilla and a dump truck load of fish..... ;)


He's got GPS numbers already in his phone system of all the DQ's and Sonic's within 100 miles

of middle TN, including Nashville and Chattanooga.






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