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Thank you, Pugilist!

Lead Friend, SASS #53635

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I received today as promised an almost comically long and yet devastatingly handsome Cimarron Uberti 1873 with a 30” barrel that I purchased last week on the SASS Classifieds from the above mentioned cowboy. The communication was excellent, the transaction was crisp, the turnaround brisk, the packaging flawless and the rifle is exactly as it was described. You can see it pictured below with a 32” Crescent hammered SxS which will no doubt become its best friend and a 20” Winchester Miroku  1873 for contrast. I didn’t need it but I sure wanted it and now it’s mine. If I can’t hit the targets with this one I’ll push ‘em over.


 Thank you, Pugilist! I’ll take good care of her.



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That is a beautiful rifle and your pride is completely justified.


 I had a long barreled rifle and had problems with the bullets running out of lube before they exited the barrel.  Accuracy became a problem late in the match ( there are still some clubs that put small rifle targets way out there!).  So check for a lube star on the muzzle occasionally.  Not trying to be a wet blanket, just letting you know my experience.  I was using blackpowder and that could make a difference.


Enjoy that thang! :D

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