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  1. Have you shipped 00 buck mold yet? Have been watching mail.
  2. I have an 44 spec cyl for 3rd gen with bushing. Pm me your email & I can send pics. P
  3. Man you are in luck. Just might be what you are looking for. PM me your email & I will send good pics. Pugilist
  4. Think I might have one. Will look in loading room today. P
  5. I will take 00 buck mold. Please advise where to send gold. Thank you P
  6. I have a bunch of 44 mag brass if you still need it. P
  7. I have what you need for gear. Chaps are real batwings made in Washington. Also have brown cuffs & spurs. Will make you a smoking deal. Pm me your email & I will send pics with measurements. I shot classic cowboy myself.
  8. THANK YOU i will take it pm me with address to ship the gold & will get on the afternoon stage.
  9. Thanks, I tried them with no luck. Still in need. HELP
  10. I have an early pre safety jm 94 in 44 mag. I am looking for an 20-24" round blued barrel in 45 colt. Dont want another rilfe as i bought this one new and am downsizing calibers. Help please Thanks Pugilist
  11. Can do hundreds+ of all calibers but 308. Think there about 100 308's.
  12. I happen to be cleaning out my loading room during the lock down. I have all that you need of all the calibers you are looking for. How much are you looking for of each?
  13. I have one just like it i still bird hunt with. Really nice shotgun with a crazy price.
  14. Wow thank you stumbled on to these pictures of my parents from 88 eot. Deadly Redly & Irish Clementine. Brought back many a great memory of being raised in a shooting family. From the days of the fast frontiers & Wes Thompsons Juniper Tree Ranch to the Leatherslap & the beginnings of South West Pistol League, combat shooting through the beginning of SASS and its evolution. My brother and i were there. They Made sure we had a lot of fun, could compete and were safe. It was the best family time of my life, Brings a tear to my eye as they are both with Jesus and I really miss-um. Pugilist 1006L
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