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Price ?: NIB JM Marlin 1894 .38 comp

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Whats a 'fair' price on a NIB  JM Marlin 1894 in .38 Competition.


Mfg date is suppose to be 2002.


I got an acquaintance who inherited one and ask me the going price.

I told him with Cowboy shooters, probably between $1000 to $1200.


I also told him that Gunbroker might earn him $1400 or more.


I really don't keep up with things like the NIB originals so any input you have will help.






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I would say you are close. I would think $1200 wouldn’t be unreasonable. I may even be a little low in my estimation. 


I owned one of these and now wish I would not have sold it. It was quite a slick little number that needed no improvement. 


If Marlin would have made it in .357 I would have kept it.

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I think $1200.00-$1250.00 for it, is very fair.

I know we wouldn't sell my wife's :wub: CBC for anything less that $1100.00.

She has run it in SASS for over 16yrs now.

They were never cheap to buy, when be'n made.



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If this marlin has not been tuned, not modified, it is a rare thing.

It might be worth putting on Gunbroker or some sort of Marlin collector

site.  I bet nearly all of them were bought and immediately modified for

SASS type competition.

If he just wants some bucks, $1200 is probably fine BUT

it might bring a good bit more IF the owner is willing to try to get 

those last bucks.

Very interesting situation.




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