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? about Long Range Calibers allowed

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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from SHB:  “Rifle Caliber” competition rifles must use traditional, period, rimmed cartridges. No cartridge chambered for use in any SASS approved main match revolver or rifle may be used in the “Rifle Caliber” competition, except the .56-50. Thus, .30- 30 (.30 WCF), .38-55 Marlin & Ballard, .43 Spanish, or .45-70 Government cartridges are legal, while a .375 Winchester, .444 Marlin, .32-20, or .44-40 are not legal. Shotguns using slugs are not allowed in the Buffalo Single Shot competition.


So by shooting buddy asks about a .50 cal cartridge for long range.  This is .50 Action Express Handgun Ammunition.   


On one had it isn't legal for SASS main match revolvers or rifles . . .


On the other hand there is evidence of .50 cal ammo used in 1874:  "Billy Dixon made a remarkable 1,538-yard shot at a mounted Indian, from his borrowed Model 1874 Sharps, in .50-90 caliber"


On the third(?) hand he's asking about a pistol cartridge vs. a rifle one but the caliber is the same (case sure isn't)


my thoughts are no as it isn't a traditional period cartridge even though it is a rimmed case



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50AE has a rebatted rim so that 44 mag bolt on the DE could be used.  That is far from rimmed cartridge, secondly not a period and not a rifle caliber.

The rule is for rifle caliber and 50AE again is not a rifle caliber but a pistol cailber.  So no on several levels.



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