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  1. Graywolf and I were playing with his new clay thrower on Friday after a few last minute Ambush repairs. The first round was basically trap and I shot it with my CZ coach gun and loads equivalent to Winchester LNLR. I hit 20, most between the near edge of the creek (42 yards) and just past the far edge of the creek (50 yards) so it can be used for trap if you're on your game. About a dozen were flat smoked. As for short barrels on some ranges I've heard several reasons. One range it was lack of muzzle discipline with short barrels. Another was to keep ghetto rats from coming out with cheap 18" riot guns and causing problems (given where that range is the reason is more than valid).
  2. I used to shoot with Ed back in the late 80s through mid-90s. To my knowledge he is not and never was a SASS member but he has long been a CBA member. A lot of the data for cast bullets in milsurps and for Ed's Red came from our High Power team over several years. When reading about Ed's Red where you see "tested after hours in a defense contractor's lab", that was me. What we found, the short version- Wheelweight alloy works best. Soft lube like LBT Blue Soft (lubrisizer) or Lee Liquid Alox (Lee push through die) work best. 2400 or Red Dot powder work best. Velocity 1500-1850 gives good accuracy and helps prevent leading with GC bullets. Size the bullet to the throat not the bore. Lee Factory Crimp at the crimp groove. Clean with Ed's Red regularly and what leading does occur over the course of a High Power match (minimum of 68 rounds, 20 of them rapid fire) is minimal and cleans right out. The primer is the key to accuracy, the best is a Federal Gold Medal 210M for consistent ignition with a reamed and internally chamfered flash hole. If you want to get really anal sort cases and bullets by weight into .1gr batches. You can get MOA or better. You will probably need to turn the outside of the neck for .311" and .312" bullets. Turn to .015" wall thickness (for most rifles this is enough to prevent pressure problems and have decent neck tension). Anneal and trim to length every 5th loading and the cases can easily go 50+ loadings. You may need to touch up the neck turning too if a donut starts to form at the neck/shoulder transition (K&M now makes a donut reamer). In .30-06 my go to loads are 155gr Lee bullet (the one they list as for 7.62x39) over 16.0gr 2400 or 196gr Hoch Nose pour bullet over 20.0gr 2400. Sized to .312" with LBT Blue Soft lube. When casting lightly frosted is okay. Sharp square base and sharp driving bands. Minor defects forward of the crimp groove do not have a significant effect out to 300 yards. The data was generated by a team of 5 with Mausers, Springfields, Mosins and Krags depending on who had what over a period of 3-4 years as a High Power rifle team shooting the 200 yard reduced course. We placed in the top 25% of teams. I have put upwards of 50,000 rounds through Mausers and Springfields.
  3. Great for those with Swedish Mausers shooting BAMM. 300 new PPU cases $210 Lee die collet die set (collet type neck sizer) with shellholder, separate collet crimp die included $35 Redding two die full length die set with shellholder $65 All dies above $105 NOE 268-140-FN-BM3 2 cavity GC bullet mold NOE mold handle Mold and handle sold together only $130 Entire package $400 shipped.
  4. I have enough memories of my former wife I don;t need annoying videos.
  5. Winchester 1897 E series takedown made in 1923, cowboy action job by Brisco Kid, 22-1/2" barrel with butt cover. Gun shows normal wear and is tight, functions fine. I just don't shoot it. Asking $750, shipping included. Preferred payment via USPS money order or bank counter check. Must ship FFL to FFL, no -03s as my FFL will not ship to an -03. Before you complain I get a better shipping rate through them. Do not attempt to "educate" me on shipping to -03s, heard it all before and it gets annoying.
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