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  1. I have no idea. I'm not interested in shipping it thus the "can deliver to" bit.
  2. Longhunter short stroke and action job. 18" half octagon barrel. Holds 10. Butt cover and lever wrap by Denham's. $1500
  3. RCBS The Grand 12ga shotshell reloading press $1200 Includes- Inline Fabrication riser mount, primer drop and drain tubes, 1/2 coffee can of shot, 4 shot bushings, 5 powder bushings, shotshell box loading tool, Lyman shotshell checker, Lyman shotshell manual, full bag pink wads, 1/3 bag gray wads, 50-75 fired AA hulls and allmanuals etc. included int e original box. Local pick up will also throw in 1-1/4 to 1-1/3 pounds of Titewad.
  4. $300- Gun cart, cherry with curly cherry ammo box, folds for transport, holds 5 long guns, holsters fit anything from Schofields to Rugers, Eyebolts to hang stuff from. Uses draw latches when unfolded, clevis & cotter pin to retain in folded position. 20"x2" no flat wheels good on grass or gravel. I'm not going to try and ship this.
  5. PM me to deliver it at the Southeast Regional. Prices in each section are per item. $5- Red cotton wildrag (never used) SPF Red cotton wildrag (never used) SPF Blue cotton wildrag (never used) SPF Black cotton wildrag (never used) SPF Maroon arm garters $10- White shirt XXL, has an oil stain $20- Blue/gray & brown striped shirt XXL Red shirt XXL Maroon shirt XXL Tan canvas vest XXXL SPF $30- Black satin jacquard vest (worn once) XXXL Black shirt (worn once) XXL Green silk jacquard wildrag Red silk jacquard wildrag $40- Medium weight gray wool vest (never worn) XXXL Heavy weight red wool vest, great for most chilly shoots XXXL $75- Brown Ariat boots, pegged leather sole 11-1/2D Black Ariat boots, rubber sole 11-1/2D $150- Tan Stetson with black & red horsehair hatband and stampede strings 7-5/8 $175- Black oilskin duster (never worn) XXL
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