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347 SWC lead bullets?

Warden Callaway

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Mom bought all kinds of things at rummage sales and flea markets. While cleaning up their estate, Mary came across a rusty paint can that was unusually heavy. In it was what looked to be 38/357 SWC swedged and coated bullets. This morning I thought of them and decided to load up some 38 Special practice ammo. First one just dropped into the case.


They sure look like pistol bullets but they measure .347. The only cartridge I can come up with that would use this caliber would be the 348 Winchester. But the bullet would be a poor choice for the 348 Winchester, I'm thinking.

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Pretty long to be pistol slugs. Do those weigh 158 grains, or more?


Sounds like feedstock for the melting pot. They will be soft lead, most likely.


Good luck, GJ

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Skinny .348 Winchester?


There are some old European 8.8mm rounds. Maybe the bullets are for those cartridges. I can't look them up on my work computer. Lucky I can look at the Wire...shhhh

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They weight 158 gr.


I'd think they were cores for making jacketed bullets but they are already formed into a shape and lubed.

Ummm, probably not cores. Cores usually don't get lubed and knurled, as far as I understand bullet swaging processes.


Perhaps some experiment where standard .38 bullets were run through a sizer die for some reason?


In any case, melt 'em.


Good luck, GJ

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