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Widder, SASS #59054

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I like your style Doc, one of my favorite movies. Gotta say tho, Peter Falk's 'Max' is every bit as memorable to me. One could not have existed without the other. What a great duo.


"Push the button, Max!" :lol:


It is hands down my favorite movie, and you're absolutely right that Max was the perfect counterpart for Professor Fate!

Of course, then there's Maggie DoBois :wub::wub:


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Dr Frank N Furter :lol:



Can't you give a guy a warning? Had to clean my monitor off.


Of course, after a warning, you'd make everyone shiver with antici...
























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Tim Conway and Don Knots


The Apple Dumpling Gang and watch the two of them trying to put up the ladder to steal the gold from the bank.

That's a good one. I must have seen that movie a hundred times as a kid.

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