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OT Help identify old scope.

Warden Callaway

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I have a family hand-me-down that's been in back corner of closet for past 20 years. It's a Harrington & Richardson Reg-Lar 365 target rifle.


But the scope has no markings other than 8-X. It's 18" long. Any clue to as to manufacture or model? The mounts?


The turret knobs are not stuck. The cross hairs have been replaced with fine thread and look fuzzy.

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Looks very simular to a Lyman targetspot but missing a few parts.



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Thanks for the clues. I think we have a winner. Looks like a Winchester A5 (or Lyman A5) 8 power.


I found a lot of pictures that look somewhat the same. The confusion being the tube on my old scope is brass and all the others are black. But I found information that stated that the scopes had brass tubes and "Japaned" finish. Also, posts on other forums told of having no markings other than 8X. It sure would have been nice to see the Winchester stamping.


About the mounts and how they are placed. The gun belonged to my late brother-in-law. He and a buddy were always cobbling up stuff. If you zoom in on the picture, you may notice the mounts a soldered onto the gun. To add more insult, the barrel respectable old Harrington & Richardson target rifle was cut to 16" and some kind of concocted silencer was taped on it. They used it with CB caps or 22 shorts to shoot sparrows in the barn.

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Resembles an old Fekker scope to me........



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