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Replacement Reinforced 1866 Loading Gate?

Lead Friend, SASS #53635

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Are there any suggestions for a vendor who can provide such an animal? I believe I require the small screw variety.


I know I can JB Weld the one I've got but I think I'd rather just replace it.


Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

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They've got a reinforced large screw gate but not a reinforced small screw gate. And they are proud of those. Thank you though, I appreciate the suggestion.


Anyone else have any ideas?

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This comes up at least once a month. NO ONE sells a factory reinforced loading gate. Doesn't matter what the hype unless it has been fixed by someone the gate is not truly reinforced. Go here and look at post #8.



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Well allrighty then, thank you very much for that nudge in the right direction. I remember that thread but couldn't track it down via the search bar. Off to the auto parts store tomorrow.


Best regards,



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You probably got what you need by now. I bought a 66 new 3 years ago, & the loading gate broke almost immediately. Somebody in the know told me what to buy from Uberti, & I just looked up my notes from the time. I got one from Uberti & installed it. Mine took the large screw.


110313 – Ordered aftermarket Loading Gate. BA:220127/lgAftermarket Loading Gate (1866) Large Diam Screw Hole .115" OD (2005+) Quantity : 1 Price : US$35.00. Got it from VTI Gunparts.


I had a lot of problems with that rifle, that could be attributed to who initially did the slick up & SS work. However, that same person built a 73 for me that was bulletproof. Once I got the 66 running perfectly & knew it would perform for a new owner, I sold it. That cowboy emailed me after about a year just to tell me how much he loved it.


Anyway, I'm strictly a 73 man now. 18" Cimmaron Brush Popper in 38/357 from Marshall Harland Wolfe. It works every time so I can focus on my shooting without worrying about the equipment.

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Hey Lead Friend

Go to Track of the Wolf and look under guns, cartridge guns, cartridge rifles, repeating and lever action they have 3 for small hole in different finishes, you would need to do the fix on them but they sure are pretty

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Now that is all some good dang advice!


I've got a Uberti gate on the way from Track of the Wolf that will serve as my spare and I'll see if I can work some magic with JB Weld on the one that I've got.


Thanks to all for your contributions!


Yer Pard,


Lead Friend

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i JB Weld the loading gate tab on every '66 I get....fresh out of the box or well used....saves a LOT of frustration and disappointment to boot!


I posted a pictorial tutorial of this on another thread.



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