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Well Poop

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Yep. Disappointing for sure. Today's game is going to tell us a lot.


Here's hoping for good news!!


I just hope Morales can keep his bat hot.

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Well, today we will see what the Cardinals have in store for the coming week.


The thing about the play offs is that it usually shakes out the wannabes and the

guys that want to play ball come through. Not always the case, but it usually is.


The Cubs came to my attention during the regular season because I have been

watching the Cardinals and their lead in the National League Central. Both the

Cubs and the Brewers were blowing teams away that in years past have been

dominate. Well, the Cubs made the cut, the Brewers didn't.


Now I am wondering if the Cards are just overconfident or the Cubs have a secret

weapon. We shall see how things play out.

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Whichever teams get the final nod, I love the post season. It's a fresh start for all the teams and anything, ANYTHING can happen.


And does.



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Well, it brings a new level of interest to the players, that is for sure.


Flash money on the table and the game takes on a new appearance.


Also the fan involvement makes a good impetus to the players. They

seem to feed on the adulation of the masses. :lol:

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KC had their work cut out for them today.

But a win is a win.


Chicago is giving St. louis a run for the money. 1/zip but I would

not count the Cubs out just yet.



ED: About five minutes after I posted this I tuned in the game.

Bang Cards hit a home run over 400 feet from the plate. Score 2/0

Next up a walk, then Carpenter hits a home run. Cards win 4/0.


Now you know why I am not a sports writer.

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