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  1. The Comancheros was a far better book than it was a film. Sorry Duke, wherever you are.
  2. If these are untaken, I'll take 'em! 95814 zip code.
  3. Hello to All, I will soon be repeating my yearly task of being MC for my museum's annual volunteer appreciation banquet, and as we are a railroad museum, and this year is the 150th anniversary of the completion of the first transcontinental railroad, we will be having an historical theme for the event this year. One of the tone-setting components every year is a music playlist that matches the event's theme. so I'm looking for appropriate railroad music to provide the right mood for the event. We'd like some classic tunes like Rock Island Line and Hey Porter and others by Johnny Cash and similar artists, but also, if possible, we'd like 19th century train songs, as well. So I'm asking for some suggestions. Put yourself in my volunteers' place - what songs would you desire and expect to hear? Our volunteers give us so much and I want to really make it a special night for them. Thanks to everyone for your time.
  4. HI Pard, Please send a money order to,

    Alan Hope

    125 I Street

    Sacramento, CA


    Please deduct the cost of the money order from the 120.00, I don't want to cost you any extra. MEssage me your address, and I'll have it ready to ship when payment arrives.

    Thanks again..

  5. Sad to say, this would fit my oversized dome like a coffee cup. But BTT for a pard.
  6. Hello to All, I am offering an Armi San Paolo brass-framed Navy .36 cal. revolver with 4 3/4 barrel. No frills, just a short Navy as seen in photos. Good mechanics. Asking $120.00 shipped. Thanks for your time
  7. Sad to say, the short story seems to be a vanishing art form. Dorothy M. Johnson wrote some of the best Western stories ever, almost all of them in the short story format. I love a good short story.
  8. Is the frame brass? Use a magnet on the topstrap to see.
  9. HEy Kid, just a heads up, payment for the brown pants is on the way.

    Thanks again.

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    2. SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999

      SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999

      Ok pard. My address is,


           ALAN HOPE

           125 I STREET   (THE LETTER i)




      Thanks, again!

    3. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      pmo came in saturday will ship monday thanks cobra

    4. SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999
  10. I'd buy this thing, but my home state doesn't allow people to sell their blood. BTT
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