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  1. Are the "pearl" grips still available? If so i'll take them.
  2. I thought "dove tales"were like "Duck Tales", but about smaller birds...
  3. Want to buy a R&D .45LC conversion cylinder for a Pietta - made Remington New Model Army C&B revolver. I can pay in currency, or will swap even for a NIB steel framed Pietta Baby Remington .31 calibre revolver. Thanks for your time, and Merry Christmas to All.
  4. Would you consider a swap for a Lyman (Uberti) .44 C&B Remington revolver? I'd trade even.
  5. How's the fit on the grips? I'm interested in this piece.
  6. Hey Pard, let me know, please, if the deal for the frock coat falls through. I have a wedding to officiate next month and some sidewinder stole my frock coat!
  7. HI Pard, Please send a money order to,

    Alan Hope

    125 I Street

    Sacramento, CA


    Please deduct the cost of the money order from the 120.00, I don't want to cost you any extra. MEssage me your address, and I'll have it ready to ship when payment arrives.

    Thanks again..

  8. HEy Kid, just a heads up, payment for the brown pants is on the way.

    Thanks again.

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    2. SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999

      SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999

      Ok pard. My address is,


           ALAN HOPE

           125 I STREET   (THE LETTER i)




      Thanks, again!

    3. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      pmo came in saturday will ship monday thanks cobra

    4. SGT. QUINCANNON, SASS #32999
  9. I'd buy this thing, but my home state doesn't allow people to sell their blood. BTT
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