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  1. Here’s an English made Bowie with a point like a needle and an edge like a razor. If it touches you it cuts you.
  2. I will take #5 if it is still available and has all it’s buttons.
  3. Hello to All, I am offering a very small (think Baby Browning size) Czech made DUO .25 caliber pistol. Comes with one magazine. About 85% blue finish, with slight freckling on rear of slide. Good bore. Very similar to the Baby Browning pistol. Don’t really know much about this model, can’t find any .25 ammo to test fire it. Asking $300, check or M.O. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hey Peewee, I wear a size 7.5 hat- will this fit me?
  5. Hey Pard, please send those pics, and thanks for your reply.

  6. Hello to All, I want to find an 1851 Navy Colt type .36 caliber revolver with ligh colored “blonde” wooden grip. I am trying to match one I already have- see image. If anyone has one that matches reasonably well, please contact me via PM. Thanks for your time. Regards, Sgt. Q.
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