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  1. Right hand? Left hand? Crossdraw? Black? Brown? You’ve told us almost nothing...
  2. Could I interest you in an even swap for an Uberti Remington .44 cap & ball revolver with an R&D six shot conversion cylinder in.45 LC caliber? Has the C&B cylinder, also.
  3. It was about a woman who owned a saloon, who became involved with a younger man, something of a greenhorn. She teaches him about what it takes to be a man in the West, along with initiating him into the mysteries of love. In the end he leaves, ready to make his way in a man’s world, and before long she finds another young man to help along. It was a good poem.
  4. Hey UB, did you once, long ago write and post here a poem , called The Schoolhouse Saloon, or something similar? If yes, would you care to re-post it for me, and for new pards who might have missed it? If it was not you then my apologies to both you and the true writer. It is a fine poem. Thanks for your time.
  5. I thought the fish plate was the weekly special at Long John Silver’s.
  6. I work in the California State Railroad Museum - a big building full of trains!
  7. Buffalo Bill once tipped his hat to his audience, and his wig came off with his hat. Very embarrassing.
  8. The top PIETTA 1860 was given to me by a volunteer at my museum shortly before he died. He was a hero aviator of WWII, awarded the Legion of Honor in the grade of Chevalier by the French government. He was a fine man, a retired general and a good friend. I will never part with it this side of the sod.
  9. One last question. The top one in the photo- the shiny one. Is it made of steel?
  10. I am going to pass on this item. A friend wants to buy my Uberti Remington with the conversion cylinder. Sorry for the false start.
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