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  1. If these are still available, I would swap an Uberti Remington C&B (1858) .44 revolver with a Howell .45 Colt conversion cylinder, plus $100 boot for your pocket Navy revolvers.
  2. Hello to All, SOLD PENDING FUNDS I am offering a very clean, almost like new copy of U.S. Muskets, Rifles and Carbines, by Col. Arcadi Gluckman. This is a painstakingly detailed description of U.S. issued long arms for the discerning collector. It is illustrated with detailed drawings of distinctive markings and detailed drawings of features that include minor differences and variations of U.S. military weapons. Not for the novice- this book is for the advanced collector who doesn’t want to buy a fake or a remarked weapon. This is a reprint in like new condition, so I am asking $25 shippe
  3. Good Day to All, I am offering three fairly scarce books of interest to students of WWII. 1. Hitler’s Samurai, by Bruce Quarrie. This is a trade paperback in good/very good condition, pages tight but has handling marks from reading. Asking $20 shipped. 2. Weapons of the WAFFEN SS, by Bruce Quarrie. This is a hardcover in like-new condition, with dust jacket. Asking $30 shipped 3. Renegades: Hitler’s Englishmen, by Adrian Weale. This is a detailed account of the British Freecorps, a Waffen SS “regiment” (never more than about 50 members) recruited from British POWs. This is
  4. Good Day to All, I am offering a very clean first edition of Sterling’s Trails and Trials of a Texas Ranger, (1959). There is no dust jacket, not sure if there ever was one. This copy was owned by the county recorder of Steven’s County, Texas and is autographed by the author’s widow. I am asking $150, plus $10 for shipping and insurance. Please reply by PM here. Thank you for your time.
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