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Happy Birthday to the Lone Ranger

Rio Brazos Kid

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Sure enjoyed watching him and Jay Silverheels back in the day. Tried that new movie with Johnny Depp last year, couldn't sit through it.

That movie was sacrilegious!!!!!! :angry:

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Kemosabe and I share the same birthday.

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I have never watched it! I don't understand why they would have made a comedy out of it, instead opf a great western with the tradition hero saving the day. That's part of thbe problem I am seeing with kids these days, they have few if any heros! I grew up with Zorro, Superman, Lone Ranger, DC comic books that were actual books compared to what I see being offered today. You could actually learn to read with those $.12 comic books. I loved the Pirates of the Caribean movies, but Johnny Depp was all wrong as was the actor for Clayton Moore's role as well as the costuming! And on TV it is so crazy, ABC Family TV, owned by Disney, with all the teenage sex and pregnancies, isn't for families! Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave!



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As a long time Lone Ranger fan, I was warned off the new Depp Ranger movie.

Then one day I found it on a big sale and what the heck.....


IF you watch it it is necessary to watch from the very beginning.

Miss the first couple minutes and the story isn't very good.

Its told by Tonto to a young boy.

It is a different perspective than the tv shows.

And they did a lot of work to get those trains right.



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