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There is a huge campground at the range, get in early for a good spot.

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On the range is the best spot. Founders Ranch can accommodate over 600 RV's, so there is plenty of room. Camping at Founders Ranch is dry camping, though- with no hookups. You can purchase water and pumping service through registration on-site.


If you prefer to have hook ups, there are a few RV parks pretty close to the ranch (15 min away).


Route 66 RV Park in Edgewood






Hidden Valley Mtn. Park


(505) 281-3363

Hope this helps!

Misty Moonshine
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I have camped on the range and at Hidden Valley.


Advantages and disadvantages to both.


On the range at EOT? You have the advantage of being on site.

Which means you will probably attend more of the events.

Day events as well as the night events. So you do get more out of your EOT


Disadvantage. No hookups. And have to pay someone to empty your tank if it gets full.

And pay to have your water refilled. Expect dust. That ground out there is like fine baby powder.

That stuff gets everywhere. So it will be dusty. But there is nothing they can do about that.


Hidden Valley? It's ok. You have full hookups. Dust not bad at all. But. You are a little ways from the

range. So you may not attend as many events. Just because you don't want to drive back to the range.


We are staying at Route 66 this year. First time.

They say it is closer to the range and town.

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Moss, be aware that IF you decide to camp at the Ranch that the first 4 rows in the camping area are reserved for Founder's Ranch members. That leaves about 550+ spots. (all the fun parties goes on up about rows 10-15)

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Lots of good info in the preceding thread. Let me add some details that might help you make a decision.


Hidden Valley is about fourteen miles from Founders Ranch. The route is on two rural, state highways. Commuting time one way is about twenty minutes (not unreasonable). The park is in a narrow valley with a ridge separating it from I-40 and state route 333. It is quiet and shady. There is a swimming pool and many of the campers during EOT will be SASS members. They often get together in the evening. Route 66 RV park is about half the distance from Founders Ranch. However, it is very close to I-40 and campers experience traffic noise. The site is not as pretty as the pictures on the park's website. There are few trees and the place resembles a gravel pit. Further the park has long term residents with junk trailers and piles of belongings that need to be hauled off in a roll-off. As you might imagine I don't recommend RT 66 despite its proximity to Founders Ranch. A downside of camping offsite is that DWI patrols are very active during EOT. This is an important concern for some SASS members.


Founders Ranch is dry camping but there are outhouses in the camping area so RV black water tanks need not fill quickly. Free water is available on the east side of ABQ and in Moriarty. Bring containers and you don't need to purchase water. Grey water can be dumped for free in Moriarty (if you have a tote tank to transport it). I live in the ABQ metro area and bring water from home and dump grey water at a dump site near my house. I have yet to purchase water and dump service. Besides the convenience of camping on range, staying there eliminates the chance of a DWI. The first eight camping rows are graveled so one need not camp on bare dirt.


Overall I recommend camping at Founders Ranch or Hidden Valley. I will camp at Founders Ranch this year.

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What's the charge for dry camping at Founder's Ranch?


That will be $50 total for EOT, money well spent IMHO. I guarantee you will make many new friends staying at the ranch rather than offsite!

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Thanks, right now the plan is to stay at Hidden Valley Sunday to Wednesday and move to Founder's ranch on Wednesday. My wife still has to work until Wednesday, can't risk loss of phone service.

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