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Change of heart????? What are you talking about.


Tex put in many long hours over many years and now is stepping down. He deserves a thank you...period.


No one is saying "jack" about whether you agree or disagree with his editorials...so if you don't mind, either thank him...or leave this thread alone and start you own disrespectful thread if that suits your attitude.



People just don't get it period, this man is one of the founders of SASS and paid his dues. So what if he has opinions on clothing that may piss people off, it's his opinion. In the end him and Cat are true ambassadors to our sport. Good post Phantom.

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Tex and Cat thank you for your hard work. I feel that you will probably enjoy matches and shooting more in the future with out the controversy and hard work.

See you down the trail.

Johnny Meadows

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Thanks Tex and Cat for your years of dedication to this sport...

Lacey and I got to posse with you folks down at Comin' at Cha a few years back..

Purty much enjoyable..

Like Widder said.. hope ya don't stop yer travels..


Rance ;)

Thinkin' ya done our sport good :)

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Many big thanks Tex and Cat for all the hard work, dedication and inspiration. And, for being a living example of how to have fun while you're doing it.

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Phantom, thanks for starting this thread. I think it's well deserved thanks for Tex considering the hard work he has put in to develop this GREAT game!


Tex, thank you for everything. I remember the first time I met you at CAC last year in English, TX. It was akin to meeting a celebrity!


I hope only the very best for you and Cat. Sure hope to see you at some of the annuals.



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Once again

My hat is off to you tex and the woman that has ridden the range with you watching the back trail, riding point, or just riding along side of you sometimes


I also thank

all of the wild bunch members, of old, for making this a possibility for so many thousands of shooters



Thanks Mann

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