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  1. At our home club, The Texas Ten Horns, we haven’t made an official decision yet. Instead we are following the lead of the Governor. If the ban on gathering ends as it’s supposed to the day before our match, then we’ll likely shoot. If not, no match. If we do shoot we will shoot on the side of the range that is more open. Will will also align posse size not to exceed 10 per posse and will request our shooters spread out as much as possible. Also, only one shooter at loading table at a time. and no handshakes or hugs. We'll be replacing them with fist bumps, elbow bumps or Boot taps. Personally, I prefer to err on the side of caution. Many of our shooters are in the age groups most susceptible to this illness. At the end of the day, this is only a game we’re playing and if we have to skip a few matches just to keep one member from getting sick and possibly dying then I’m all for it.
  2. I’ll throw in my 2 cents. The situation that created incident that led to this post was noticed by me. At the time I was not a spotter and I was not the TO. I went to the ULT and asked. Sure enough, extra round. ULT officer thought I was going to make the call and I assumed the UTL officer made the call. When it was discovered that no call was made the shooter went to the Match Director and requested the penalty be added, pretty honorable in my mind.
  3. Congratulations Champ! It was a tough match to shoot clean. Aim and squeeze was definitely the right call! Way to go!!!
  4. Way to go Grazer!!! Sorry I didn’t run into you while I was out there.
  5. Thanks guys! It was one of the toughest matches I’ve ever shot. My hat is off to Sixgun Scwaby for making me earn it. He shot a great match!
  6. Great job Bud. You’ve come a long way since I shot with you out there two years ago. Dilly-Dilly!!!
  7. Just found it myself. List hasn't been updated with 2017 recipients yet. Looks like 2017 was a small class compared to recent years.
  8. I had some bead blasting done to my guns to "dress" them up a little. I like the two tone look. In the process we bead blasted the top of the receiver. With the dull, bead blasted rear notch the shiny front sight stands out like a diamond in a goat's a....well, you get the picture! Quickest sight picture I've every seen.
  9. I started out with a Stoeger. The gun was heavy, thick and slow...and didn't shoot to point of aim. I switched to a Baikal which is, in my opinion, the best of the low budget side by sides. Finally, I switched to an SKB in 2014. It was the single best move I've made in SASS to improve my times. The SKB fits me so well that one would think I had the gun customer built. The fit combined with the light weight and true point of aim has made follow up shots a thing of the past. But don't take my word for it. Get out there and borrow one for a match or two and make up your own mind.
  10. Wider, your point almost answers itself. RP takes stage difficulty into account to a certain degree. If you were fastest yet just one miss cost you 10 rank points the stage was undoubtedly a simpler stage or one where an inconsistency would affect you more. Anyway, RP or TT, I ain't about to quit or even slow down. This is the best damned game I've ever played!!!
  11. I prefer rank points for this simple reason, they favor the more consistent shooter. I've been at matches where I wasn't the fastest shooter but at the end of the day I was most consistent (no misses, no Ps) and won top gun. A good example would be Wyatt Earp. Not the fastest gun but always hit his target thereby proclaiming him the WINNER! I do respect and agree with the safety aspect of the OP though, and agree an MSV might need to carry more weight under any scoring system.
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