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  1. What an awesome prize for such an awesome dude! Like so many I've met in SASS, we were friends shortly after we met and have been for 5 years now. I am both excited for you accomplishment and amazed at your humbleness! You are a everything a champion should be!!!
  2. Congratulations young man. Enjoyed watching you shoot and excel last weekend. Looking forward to next time!
  3. Thanks Al!!! It was a tough match but I loved every minute of it! Can hardly wait until next year!!! Thanks to you all. It's a wonderful feeling accomplishing a goal of that magnitude! Thankfully I had a great support group in my corner!
  4. Matt, as always shooting with you is just fun! And if you tend to play up to the level you shoot with who better to shoot with the Matt Black!!! I've won buckles at both Regional and World shooting with you. Look forward to many more opportunities to shoot together. Congratulations young man!!!
  5. Congratulations sir! It was a pleasure shooting with you. Your encouraging words throughout the match were both welcomed and appreciated!
  6. What a pleasure watching this young champion shoot and succeed! A real chip off the old block! Congratulations Lily Bleu!!!
  7. Great shooting young man! Can hardly wait until mine and Fancy's next trip to Fredericksburg. We'll swing by!
  8. Duelist is coolest! And you're one of the coolest duelist I know! Congrats on the win. Ain't is a GREAT feeling???
  9. If my math is right this makes somewhere around 12??? I am fortunate that I can call you friend and also in the fact that I had you to mentor under. Shooting with you no doubt rubbed off over the years. To a great competitor and one of my favorite people. My hat is off to you buddy!!!
  10. Congrats CHAMP!!! And no matter what others think the stages and stage writing were spot on!!!
  11. Congratulations Straight Arrow. Was a pleasure meeting you!
  12. Congratulations Pete!!! Was nice to meet you finally. Now it's time to get back to work being invincible!!!
  13. Congratulations CHAMP!!! It was a pleasure shooting with you!
  14. Doc, I agree with you 100%. And I've already sent Deuce a PM letting him know how much I enjoyed the match and the stages. There will always be some that will disagree and that's OK. Some will query - "what's best for SASS?" The answer is time will only tell. It was definitely a championship match. WR is a championship match and typically draws a larger crowd than EOT. Granted their facilities and local amenities are a little nicer, but then again WR isn't located near the Pizza Barn or the Sierra Blanca Brewery!!! Will I attend next year? Absolutely. Will I fuss about target size, placement? Absolutely not. Why? We are all shooting the same targets. Sorry I didn't get a chance to visit with you last weekend. Congratulations on your win!!!
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