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SOLD: One pair of Ruger Old Armies. 5-1/2" Barrels, Fixed Sights. With original Plastic Boxes and Nipple Wrenches.

Standard Rosewood Grips. Innards have been smoothed, springs lightened for shooting cartidge with conversion cylinders. I would recommend putting medium weight springs in them for percussion shooting.

Original Hammer Springs included. Guns sold as a pair only.

This was a backup set of Ruger Old Armies... I haven't had to use a back up set... so, they haven't been shot much.

Very nice condition, no dings, scars, or corrosion.

2400.00 shipped to your door... unless your locale requires an FFL... NJ, DC, Chicago, NYC... y'all know the drill.









One pair of R&D .45 Colt Conversion Cylinders, Stainless, to fit the Ruger Old Army. Excellent condition. Sold as a pair only. 450.00 for the pair includes shipping to your door.



Please use the PM feature to ask questions and such. E-mail through this site sometimes goes awry.



Y'all have a great Christmas!


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All PM's have been replied to. Cellphone pics have been posted...

better pictures will be posted just as soon as I can find my camera!!


Y'all have a Great Christmas!!

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Those sure are pretty.

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Rules of the site say I gotta put a price on 'em, so I did. But, make me a reasonable offer via PM.... ya ne'er know.

Also waiting for TL to get back to me with some more info on the shotguns....

By the say, I'll be putting my back-up Stoegers and Baikals on sale soon. all with action work done!

Anybody need a Mk IV .303 Lee-Enfield?

I gotta start downsizing... with waaaay too many CAS pistols, and safe-fulla long-guns, I keep confusing myself!

But, I love every one of them guns. :wub::blink: I just don't get to shoot them very much.

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