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Pre-flight Announcements

Subdeacon Joe

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Har! Good on this Captain! These are few and far between.


For those of us who fly for business two-three weeks out of four, this succinct humor is very much appreciated!


It is in great contrast to the excessive drivel and repeated verbal advertisements that constitute most of their incessant, repetitive announcements now days (United in particular).



(and yes, I flew east coast to west coast Wednesday with the weather mess, the busiest flying day of the year......the repetitive announcements drove me batty, again - more so than usual)

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Harvey Mushman, Just remember to have your shooting ear plugs with yo at all times.


I carry mine all the time. I have used them in restaurants when as screaming kid is near by.

I make sure the parents are looking at me then I put them in and smile.

The looks I get at worth it.

Getting older has it's perks.

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That was great. I'm glad to see some airlines still have a sense of humor. It reminds me of this not-so-boring cabin announcement I've seen posted here before.



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