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Found a new use for Murphy's mix

Jefro, SASS#69420

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Howdy all, I like Murphy's mix (1/3 Murphy's oil soap, 1/3 alcohol, 1/3 peroxide) for cleaning my BP guns, tried all the others and Murphy's the one I prefer.

Anyhow, I discovered this last summer while working in my research and develoment lab (garage). I live on a salt marsh creek here on the Carolina coast, and we have our fair share of skeeters and biting flies. I usually keep a spray bottle of bug spray on the work bench for when they pay a visit. Last night I was cleaning my BP guns and there was no wind, that's usually when they find me. Heather had taken my bug spray earlier to kill a spyder :blink: , so I grabbed my trusty bottle of Murphy's and gave em a quick spray. They went into a death spiral like before...........Murphy''s Mix, the new nontoxic bug spray :D


Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

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I don't think I'd make a long term practice of this. You might mix things up and use Deep Woods Off on yore guns. ;)

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