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Another Tear Jerker

Subdeacon Joe

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For Jonathan Palmer, photographing the funeral of a fallen police officer was just another day at the office.

That is, until the touching image he captured, of K-9 dog Figo mourning his slain master, went viral, prompting thousands of responses and calls from national media outlets like MSN, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post.

KY officer Jason Ellis, 33-year old, was shot and killed on Saturday,
May 25 after stopping his car to address debris in the road.
“In the newspaper business, you cover the best part of life and worst
part of life,” Palmer, a 34-year-old freelance photojournalist, told
TODAY of his assignment to attend Ellis's funeral.

Neither Palmer,
a Lexington, Kentucky native, nor the Lexington Herald Newspaper’s
photo editor, who sent him to cover the funeral, knew the image of the
dog putting his paw on the casket would go viral. It was only when the
photo was posted to Reddit that it flew across the Internet, and
inspired the newspaper to run the photo in its pages.

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