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White House Says Gun Control WILL Pass

Subdeacon Joe

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I am concerned that the White House will begin a campaign to weaken or destroy the NRA so that their gun banning schemes will suceed that next time they strike. Keep funding the NRA with your donations and recruit new members. A strong NRA is essential to the battle.

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Along with pushing in the US congress, they are working to get antigun state legislators to fight for individual state laws that will chip away at that pesky 2nd amendment.

Look for visits from Biden, Bloomberg, et al in your state. They will come with cash and favors in hand like they did here. Contact your reps. Resist!


We are fighting a two front war. But we can win.

We had to get it done in WWII. We have to get it done now.

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Won't do em any good to come to Texas. Even our dems here are pro gun and pro 2nd for the most part. Bloombergs bodyguards better leave their guns in NYC. We don't have reciprocity with NY.

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I wonder lately how much money, power, influence they have to pay people like Manchin, etc. to turn them into whores?

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