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You obviously aren't considering how many clothes that my wife packs for Cowtown & Winter Range!!!



I see your point, but how many have the original or a copy of gun they bought 13 years ago?


Additionally you have not seen how much stuff my wife takes to a shoot. She can dang near fill the inside of a 4 door truck with dresses and hats, then there is the 42 containers of her stuff in bed of the truck. Don't forget the shoes and boots to go with each outfit.

That doesn't count the guns and my stuff.

:):) on both accounts.


I sure wouldn't want my carefully packed clothes manhandled and wrinkled.




Allie Mo

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One young Female Boarder guard went through my "Dirty" underwear bag Three times a about Ten years back .....

When I was returning to Canada after shooting/Hunting Varmnits ...... To this day I don't know ,,,What searching my underwear was doing for her !!!!


She didn't even look at our guns ....




Jabez Cowboy

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There was something wrong with your tail light, it was adjacent to a CO plate.


I'll take a guess and assume you were near Wheatland WY.


I might shoot in CO, I'm not buying a thing when I'm there. Unless my wife makes me buy her lunch!


When we use to travel to EOT in California, my anxiety level was high due to their laws. Now we have concern when traveling through CO,

who would have ever thought they would have passed such legislation. CO residents need to learn to vote early and often, or it appears the libs have already learned. Pegleg has to be looking down on us all and shaking his head.



My mom lives in the Belly of the Beast... Anaheim CA about 1 mile from D'land. That means a visit is a drive all the way to the coast thru urban Cally from about Victorville thru San Berdoo, Riverside, Corona/Norco etc. Since I haven't traveled without for almost 30 years the pucker factor on a stop (LA freeway with SD or CO or WY plates) pegs my pucker-meter.


Time before this incident I was stopped in Campo CO by a nice young police sgt who asked if I had guns. I was doing 32 in his 30 limit town. Since having a loaded gun is legal I rattled off my entire list of 18 guns (returning from EOT). We had a great discussion about cowboy action shooting. Wonder what might happen now? Who needs the grief?


My hat is off to Wolf Bane and others who are willing to stay on to take up the banner in the CO State house. I'm just not wired right for civil legislative discussions and lobbying in a civil manner.

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Quote " I'm just not wired right"


Boy BK you hit the nail on the head, I would agree your not wired right.



Hey, from a guy who is THHHHHIIIIIIIISSSS close to making a mental health check list I'll take that as a compliment.

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