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  1. I have reused brass to the point that it splits. If it is split or beginning to have an ugly case mouth is goes. But i have brass that I am certain that it has been reloaded many times. First place i would check is the resizing die. Make sure it resizes the entire case. If it does not pass a checker, the problem is most likely not the gun, it is the reloading.
  2. NK, the rankings are based on your overall IQ! =};-) Roo
  3. Tex, I joined the same day. I believe it was born on July 24th.
  4. This July, celebrates the 20th birthday of the SASS Wire.
  5. Try Numrich Gun Parts https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/winchester/shotguns-win/97-win?page=2
  6. There is a reason we have 3 spotters. And there is a reason to have targets that are not dead.
  7. Good job "Skinny" hope to see you soon!! Roo
  8. Having made the shooters badges, your numbers are close. Not 800 main match shooters though. Numbers may include those that had to drop out but I'm sure that is a small number.
  9. Because large numbers of competitors mandates 4 a day so they can accommodate more people. EOT and Winter Range do it for the same reason.
  10. That is correct. the new members badge is slightly different and I think I like it better but the same applies if you lose your original badge. You must order a collectors badge to replace it. SASS purchases badges in groups.
  11. Part of the initial logic for the number of states in each of the Regional's, was based on the number of SASS members in each state. The attempt was to try and make the number of SASS shooters as equal in each region as possible. This was difficult and a good idea but it created groups of states that were not considered part of know "regional" geographically. Some regions had a lot of states while others did not.
  12. I have 2 650's, one set up for large primers and the other for small pistol primers. They are worth the extra money and their customer service (plus free replacement parts for life) are the envy of the industry.
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