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  1. I know of no one that can laser (etch) a complete handgun. To many curves and areas not reachable correctly with the regular fiber type engraver. Your request for something fast is also not doable. If you are willing to settle for a laser engraved pistol, purchase one that is already done by the manufacturer. They have specialized machines designed to etch metal with curves. They will cost much less than having it done for you as a one of, even if you found someone to do the work. These machines are not cheap and are not table top deals purchased by a hobbyist.
  2. They have the right people making these tough decisions. I do imagine that their bar tab has understandably increased!
  3. SASS Alias Chuckaroo SASS # 13080 Hail From Ijamsville, MD Been Shootin' Cowboy for 24 years
  4. I have vertical gun racks that were purchased from a sporting goods store. They bolt to the floor and have Velcro straps to secure the long guns. I also have a steel cage on the front for other items. They can be purchased from any golf cart dealer.
  5. Prayers up, from the east coast, for a short trip in the hospital. Hang tough PW.
  6. In response to how many people shoot real Colts, I would venture to say less that 8% of the shooters use real Colts all the time. For one, they are a little on the pricey side. When you can buy 3 Rugers (also American) or any of the clones for the same price, they are not in many folks budget. If you want new ones, the wait can be very long while they also hold your money. I have 6 pairs of Colts but I prefer shooting my 3 screw Rugers only because they fit me better. I use the Colts occasionally only.
  7. Annie May,

    You are welcome, hope you come back!


  8. Chuckaroo,

    Just wanted to say Thanks for the intro clinic and a great time that day! I will forever be known as "Scott" with your group! lol

    Annie Mae

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