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  1. Was joking, sort of. Some of the heavy boomers can quite literally detach a retina, or so I've heard...but it's a notch up from 45-70. The loads i was running in Africa were honest to goodness brutal in my light Marlin Custom Shop gun...they hit me as hard as I've ever been hit. And I've shot most of the heavy guns. Closest comparisons I can give you are a .450 Rigby or a .460 Weatherby Magnum. OTOH, the 45-70 knocked a really pissed off cape buffalo off its feet... Wolf Bane sass13557
  2. Any movement on that 1895? I've got a Ruger SR-556 that was overhauled by JP Rifles (the best in the business) and a1.5-4x Burristhat doesn't have 100 rounds through it...maybe a couple of dollars on top. Email me at michaelbane@mac.com if interested. in any case, thanks! Wolf Bane SASS13557
  3. You're REALLY going to hate this answer...LOL!!!...but I had a bunch of the Golden Sabre, and GUNSITE didn't have any of the other rounds in stock...


  4. Michael, thanks for the kind words about your Vaquero's. Glad they are shootin good for you, Ken Griner (El Mulo)

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