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  1. Started running rounds through it today. Much smoother than some IACs; not as smooth as my full house Coyote Cap. Should I buy it, I would shorten LOP a bit, add screw in chokes. Gonna take it apart and lube it up this weekend. You can see the hand of Mike Harvey on this one...he and I have talked about this a bunch over the last year of so. I'll have first look video up on my TRIGGERED weekly internet series @ michaelbane.tv...should have it at a match in a couple of weeks. Wolf Bane SASS13357
  2. You're REALLY going to hate this answer...LOL!!!...but I had a bunch of the Golden Sabre, and GUNSITE didn't have any of the other rounds in stock...


  3. Michael, thanks for the kind words about your Vaquero's. Glad they are shootin good for you, Ken Griner (El Mulo)

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