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Damn - 1226 abolishing carry on college campuses passed 7-6

Perhaps more students need to die on college campuses where carry was permitted before they will learn.

I hope they are just being stupid. Sorry I just defined a democrat.

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Sounds like its worse than Australia

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Outstandikng thread! This is a fine example of just what Team SASS forum was designed to do. SALUTE!


Colorado residents can now and should use this information to contact their representatives and apply exterme heat in great numbers!


Keep up the admirable work my friends...I thank you



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Fee for CBI background checks passed, 7-4


Edit, I must have been looking at the wrong bill, no vote yet, but given the makeup of the committee there is not much hope.


The insanity continues

I didn't expect anything to die in committee. We'll see who does what when it gets to the floor. :angry:

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Well they are on the floor today.


For those who are on the RMGO mailing list, you should have gotten an email this morning with facebook, twitter, and email contacts for some of the dems who are reportedly on the fence. Contact them how ever you can, we know that lawmakers check online stuff during a session, lets let them see us urging them to vote NO.


If you didn't get the email, give me a shout and I'll forward it to you.



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From Wolf Bane's Blog, there was more but it didn't seem to want to post.



Governor Hickenlooper right now and urge him to oppose HB1224 and all
other proposed firearm legislation to save Colorado jobs and support
freedom in Colorado. His Facebook page ishttps://www.facebook.com/JohnHickenlooper / John W. Hickenlooper , his Twitter ishttps://twitter.com/hickforco and you can email him your opinion of legislation athttp://www.colorado.gov/govhdir/requests/opinion-leg.html Legislators'
email boxes and voicemail boxes are overflowing, keep up the momentum
and let Governor Hickenlooper know how damaging this legislation will
be. Share this, retweet it, help us get the word out.


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They are taking a break for lunch now. Nothing has been voted on yet. This session may go into the weekend.

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They are taking a break for lunch now. Nothing has been voted on yet. This session may go into the weekend.


Bob, so are they debating one particular bill so far, or other bills, or what?

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There are 44 States with the Right to Bear Arms in their State Constitutions.

Colorado is one of them.

Maybe the Governors and Legislatures need to be reminded!


Colorado Constitution Article II, Section 13


The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall be called in question; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons.

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They need one vote to send the 15 round mag limit to the Senate at this point.

They are discussing the banning of concealed weapons on college campus now.

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Just as I expected. The democrats don't care about logic or facts. I expect more of the same for the rest of the bills under consideration.
The following is from a friend of mine who took the time and trouble to attend the hearings on HB13-1224 at the Colorado State Capitol today.

I just got back from the hearing. It was incredibly disappointing.
Despite the overwhelming, well-reasoned and superbly articulated opposition to these bills, the dems just refused to listen to reason.

I was absolutely astonished at the profound ignorance of the bill’s sponsors - Rep’s Thiel (?) and Salazar. They just pulled words from press releases and talking points and really had no clue what the heck they were talking about. Their arguments were pathetically void of any supporting facts, studies or statistics. Their hypocrisy was astounding.

... But what they lacked in knowledge, logic or evidence, they made up for in lies and pure fiction. It was disgusting. They disgrace their high office.

Sadly, I’ve learned that in almost any debate, among the ignorant, emotion trumps reason every time. You cannot reason with idiots. Unfortunately, the majority of Colorado’s House of Representatives is comprised of – well, you know.

Let’s hope we can turn the tables in 2014 when they come up for reelection.

DENVER — The first of four
Democratic gun proposals to be heard Friday, a ban on high-capacity
magazines, cleared the statehouse on an initial voice vote
around 3 p.m. after a six-hour debate.

“Over the course of the last four or five years, we’ve had
34 mass shootings using high capacity magazines,”
said Rep. Rhonda
Fields, D-Aurora
, whose district includes the Century 16 theater where
12 people were killed in a mass shooting last July.

“That is the common thread we see in these massacres.
They’re using these high-capacity magazines so they can unload as many bullets
as they can to kill as many people as they can, in our schools, in our theaters
and in our churches.”

A parade of Republicans took to the well Friday to speak
at length in opposition to every aspect the bill; but the Democratic majority,
with at least three members breaking ranks and voting against House Bill 1224, passed the measure on second reading over
those sustained objections.

“If you vote for this bill, you are gambling on the
safety of Coloradans,”
said Minority Leader Mark
Waller, R-Colorado Springs.
“There is no evidence
that banning these magazines will have any positive impact on public safety and
you are taking them away from responsible, law-abiding

Republicans also focused attention on Boulder-based Magpul Industries, the $400 million magazine
manufacturer now threatening to leave Colorado if this ban becomes law; and,
five hours into the debate, the House GOP informed reporters that a Magpul
supplier, Alfred Manufacturing, may also have to move
its Denver plant, and 150 jobs there, to another state.

Democrats amended the bill to allow Magpul to continue
to manufacture high-capacity magazines in Colorado for sale in other states, but
the company remained opposed to the ban.

Republicans argued that the amendment, which would
enable the continued use of magazines of more than 15 clips elsewhere,
illustrated hypocrisy.

“Now we know what this bill is really about,” said Rep.
Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling. “It’s all about the money! Is that what this
bill’s about? That we don’t care about other people across the

Democrats said they’re simply striving to find a balance that
protects affected businesses while improving public safety.

“This represents us listening to a constituency
said Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton.

Rep. Chris Holbert, R-Parker, referred to the amendment as
“the oops amendment”, arguing that Democrats forgot about the impact on
businesses when drafting the bill.

The strident opposition to House
Bill 1224, one of the two measures the House GOP entered the day with
hope of defeating,
presaged a long floor fight over the four
Democratic gun control measures that Is expected to last late into the night and
possibly Saturday morning.

Republicans began the day hoping they can find five
Democrats to vote against the bill and help kill it;
at least four
Democrats have expressed reservations but House Speaker Mark Ferrandino is
confident that the high-capacity magazine ban will pass the House at the end of
this long debate.

One moderate Democrat who Republicans needed to vote
against the bill, Rep. Mike McLachlan of Durango, had already voted for the ban
during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

On Friday, he strode to the well to inform his
colleagues he’d be doing so again.

“I rise in support of this bill,” said McLachlan, a
Vietnam Vet who narrowly won a GOP-leaning district last November, sounding the
unofficial death knell for the GOP’s attempted filibuster.

“No constitutional right, even the Second Amendment,
is absolute.”

Following the voice vote on the high-capacity ammunition
ban, lawmakers immediately began debating House Bill
1226, which mandates background checks on all
gun purchases in the state that is also sponsored by Fields.

The other measures before the House Friday, or perhaps
early Saturday morning, include legislation to force gun
buyers to pay for those background checks and a ban
on concealed weapons on college

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Guest Squint Westwood

Some of the aforementioned legislation has passed the House. We need to send letters to Gov. Hickenlooper as well as Senate president, John Morse.

Feb 15, 8:34 PM

Colo House OKs ammo limits, more background checks

Associated Press

News Story:

DENVER (AP) -- A package of gun control measures began its
lengthy and emotional route through Colorado's Legislature on Friday, with the
House approving limits on the size of ammunition magazines and expanding
background checks
after hours of fiery debate about how to stop gun

The Democratic chamber was poised to stay late into the
night to give preliminary approval to other parts of the Democrats' gun agenda,
but not before withstanding strong opposition from Republicans.

The votes capping magazine sizes and requiring background
checks for all gun purchases came after eight hours of debate. The votes were
preliminary and unrecorded,
but they were the first chance for many lawmakers to
debate gun control after mass shootings last year in Aurora and Newtown,

"These high-capacity weapons have no place outside the
fields of war," said Rep. Rhonda Fields, an Aurora Democrat who sponsored the
ammunition bill, which limits magazines to 15 rounds for all firearms, with a
more restrictive eight-round limit for shotguns. The bill makes an exception for
magazines that people already have in their possession.

Republicans in the chamber spent hours arguing that the
limit violates Second Amendment rights. They also cited a Colorado gun
manufacturer that has threatened to leave Colorado if the measure becomes law.
The bill was amended to exempt that company, but Republicans still argued
against the measure.

"We are not safer by limiting the constitutional rights of
law-abiding firearm owners," said Republican Rep. Frank McNulty.

A few Democrats appeared to agree Friday, though an exact
vote count won't be known until recorded votes are taken Monday. GOP leaders
were hoping gun activists would spend the weekend pressuring rural Democrats
like Rep. Ed Vigil of southern Colorado, the only Democrat who argued Friday
against any ammunition limit.

"We should be going down the path of making mental health
available to people who really need it," Vigil argued.

The gun debate was at times emotional and pointed. One gun
lobbyist was asked to leave the Capitol after a heated exchange off the floor
with a Republican lawmaker who said the lobbyist was falsely accusing her of
considering voting for the gun-control measures. The gallery was at times packed
with gun-rights activists.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has said favors some of
the gun-control measures. Hickenlooper supports expanded background checks and
indicated Thursday that he could support a potential amendment on magazine
sizes, if the restriction was between 15 and 20 rounds.

He also said he thinks gun purchasers should pay for their
background checks, but he had not made up his mind yet about the ban on
concealed firearms on colleges, bills that were also being debated Friday.

All of the proposals still need to be considered by
Democrat-controlled Senate.

Democrats in the Legislature said the time is right to limit
gun access and magazine sizes to prevent more shootings.

"This is about kids who have been shot, over and over and
over again," said Democratic Rep. Crisanta Duran said. "I am tired of seeing
kids die, year after year, after year, after year."


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The 4 anti-gun bills have passed in the House and will be going to the Senate. With Bloomberg and Biden sticking their fingers, noses and pocketbooks into the pie, I'm wondering where the NRA is. We need some serious help here!! It won't matter whether or not the Feds pass one gun control bill at all if the states pass crap like this. :angry:

If it can happen here in the heart of the West, it can happen anywhere.

The next incident perpetrated by a madman can trigger this fear driven, knee jerk legislation in any state. Stay vigilant. Stay involved.


And pray for us gun owners in Colorado. :(

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From the Denver Post today.

Magpul's Departure Could Crack Plastics Industry.




Magpul's statement


Magpul Industries Corp.
We're hearing some rumors that the Gov and the Dem caucus think we are bluffing. Just to clarify for them, then...we're not a political
company. We dont play political games. We've made our position very clear, very publicly. We would not survive lying to our customer base,
nor would we ever consider it. If you pass this, we will leave, and you will own it. We've already got plans in place to get PMAG manufacturing
moved rapidly, and the rest of the company will follow. We will make sure to at least have a small remain-behind operation through the 2014
elections so that we can remind folks why we are gone.

I'm afraid our state capitol is beginning to look like a petting zoo. Full of sheep and chickens.

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Colorado House passes bills on background check fees, universal background checks,15-round magazine limit

A bill requiring gun purchasers to pay the costs of their own background checks cleared the Colorado House on Monday, the same day the chamber
passed bills requiring background checks on private firearms sales and limiting gun magazines to 15 rounds.

House Bill 1228, which requires gun buyers to pay the cost of their state background checks with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation,
cleared the House on a 33-32 vote. Four Democrats voted against the bill. The fee would range from $5 to $12.

"This bill has absolutely nothing, zero, to do with public safety," said Rep. Brian DelGrosso, R-Loveland. "This bill is taking advantage of a
tragedy that's out there to demonize law-abiding citizens who are exercising their Second Amendment rights and using it as a way to
generate $4 million to $5 million in increased taxes on these people."

But Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver, noted that the background fee on gun purchases was nothing new and had been enacted originally under a
Republican-controlled legislature in 1994. The state ended the fee in 1999 because at that time, the fee had generated so much money, it was
going to exceed revenue limits under the state's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.
"So, while I would like to say we are trailblazers in this building," Pabon said, "that is not the case."
Several states, from California to Pennsylvania, require residents topay fees that vary between $2 and $25 for background checks R-Dacono,
said current lawmakers weren't responsible for that.

"Rep. Pabon, please don't hold us accountable for the sins of our forefathers," Saine said.

The vote on the fee for background checks was the third of four recorded votes being taken on a package of gun bills. Earlier in the day, House
Bill 1229, to require background checks on private sales and transfers, passed on a 36-29 vote, with one Democrat voting against, while House
Bill 1224, limiting gun magazines to 15 rounds, on a 34-31 vote, with three Democrats voting against it.

Early in the guns debate Monday, Rep. Ed Vigil, D-Fort Garland, stood at the well of the House — with the entire GOP caucus standing at the same
time — and said he would vote against all four gun bills. Vigil described how his family came to Colorado in the 1850s.
"They carried weapons to settle this land. This is part of our heritage," he said. "I cannot turn my back on that."

Speaking in favor of the background checks bill, state Rep. Beth McCann, D-Denver, said it was unfair that buyers of guns at retail outlets and
gun shows had to undergo the checks but people buying guns from individuals did not.

"This bill is about a level playing field for everyone who wants to purchase a gun in Colorado," McCann said.

But Republicans arguing against the bill said the required checks would not stop criminals from getting guns and would be unenforceable without
gun registration.

"This bill will not prevent criminals from getting guns, it will just require them to go a different avenue to get those guns," said Lori
Saine, R-Dacono.

While the bill says background checks are not required for transfers from immediate family members — defined as spouses, children, siblings,
grandparents and grandchildren — it doesn't include in-laws, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and cousins.

Rep. Polly Lawrence, R-Littleton, said it was unreasonable for family members to ask each other to undergo background checks when giving each
other firearms as gifts.
McCann, one of the gun magazine bill's sponsors, said high-capacity magazines had been used in numerous high-profile spree shootings, citing
in particular the case of Jared Loughner, who used one in the Tucson shooting in which U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head.

"It was because he (Loughner) was reloading one of those high-capacity magazines that he was prevented from killing additional people." McCann
said, saying Loughner was only tacked because of the pause needed to reload.

House Minority Leader Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, said it was "absolutely inconsistent" for Democrats to have added an amendment to
the bill in an attempt to keep Erie -based gun magazine manufacturer Magpul from leaving the state. The amendment says manufacturers could
still make high-capacity magazines for out-of-state sale.

"Apparently, they (high-capacity magazines) are not instruments of destruction when they're purchased outside the borders of Colorado,"
Waller said.

The House on Friday debated four gun bills for 12 hours as Democratic leaders threatened to stretch the debate into Saturday if Republicans
continued to speak against the bills on the floor.
All the bills won initial approval in the House on voice votes Friday, but on Monday it was time for recorded votes and a more limited debate.

House rules limit debate during what is known as "third reading," or the final vote on a measure, to two trips to the microphone per lawmaker,
who can only speak for a total of 10 minutes, although there are some exceptions.

Republicans are opposed to all four bills, which they alternately claim are unconstitutional, will do nothing for public safety or will drive business out of Colorado.

House Bill 1229 requires background checks for all gun transactions;
House Bill 1226 involves concealed carry permits on campuses;

House Bill 1228 institutes a fee for gun buyers to cover the cost of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to perform background checks;

and House Bill 1224 limits magazines to 15 rounds.

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Just received this from a friend in Colorado Springs.


I was just contacted by CO Sen Aguilar (D-Denver) from one of my many outreaches to state politicians and she stated: "First and foremost I want to assure you that NONE of the bills will result in restriction of the constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms. *These bills have not yet been referred to the Senate. *When they do come to the Senate, I will look at all sides before I make any decisions."

I replied that the 2nd Amendment included the words "shall not be infringed" and that what has already passed the house violates that concept. I tried to explain the reason IMO and according to documentation created during the ratification process that this amendment didn't pertain to hunting animals for food, it was to ensure American citizens were able to be comparatively armed as were the armies of the time so that "We the People" could protect our rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I hope words work but I have a bad feeling about all of this and the direction the discussions are headed all across this land.
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Representative Salazar does not think women on campus should have guns. Even if they're about to be raped!

"That's why we have call boxes, that's why we have safe zones, it's why we have the whistles...."

This is the kind of thinking we are up against here.


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Maybe if one or more of the eastern slope anti-gunners get RECALLED , it would send a loud message. The overwhelming sales of guns in the last few month has been in some suburban areas, but most in Urban areas and by all color and creed. The only democratic approach left is to recall the politicians we voted in, since they are disregarding their constituents.

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Well, What about it, you Colorado Ladies?


Are you gonna let this Salazar character get away with making statements like that?


Let him have it....BIG TIME!



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Who would have thought Colorado could go haywire like this, but you have to consider all the freaks that have moved in from California. They have started turning that State into the hell hole they left behind. It's seems the Obama administration has out-maneuvered everyone again by pushing their gun control agenda at the State level with their willing accomplices. Our President is one smart operator.


At what point will Conservatives in this Country learn to play political hardball with these folks, instead of cowering in fear?

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From the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Assoc


The time has come to get to work.


So we’re issuing a Colorado Call to Action.

As you know, the only thing politicians fear is concentrated numbers of
constituents w
ho speak up for what they want.

As details have emerged on new gun bills in
the Colorado legislature, we are mobilizing grassroots teams to deploy in specific legislative districts.

We need your help.

We need you to volunteer to meet with a team in your district
to put pressure on your elected State Representatives and Senators at
the State Capitol in Denver to vote against rabid gun control bills and
bills that strengthen personal liberty.

I know many pro-gun people are suggesting all kinds of
actions. Some are helpful, but no action is as effective as going into a
politician’s district and organizing grassroots pressure.

While RMGO has a lobbyist at the
Capitol – Navy veteran and longtime conservative activist Joe Neville,
who knows all the ins-and-outs of the Colorado political scene – it’s
not nearly as effective as having constituents lobbied in their own

moves a politician’s vote like an organized group that takes their
message into that member’s district and talks directly to voters. No
media attention, no op-eds, no Gucci-loafered lobbyists – nothing is
as effective.

Of course, the other side is working the Capitol at the same time.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has
infiltrated specific areas of our state and will stop at nothing to see
Coloradoans lose their Second Amendment rights.

Many in our Colorado General Assembly are showing
weakness for the so-called “common sense” discussion measures the gun grabbers are using to bait the trap.

And, behind-the-scenes, some of our “friends” are already signing the documents of our surrender.

But without concentrated pressure from
freedom-loving Coloradoans like you, we will see our Second Amendment
ripped from our hands.

This is a fight we cannot afford to lose.

Click this link to add your
name to the list of our boots-on-the-ground team



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Has there been anydamnthing from the NRA about this crap?

Who can confirm that the NRA even knows of the mess Colorado :wub: shooters are in?

LG(who was born in Colorado)

Perhaps the NRA is not geared up to fight all these State battles, and only focuses on Federal Legislation? To be honest, I didn't see it coming to this extent at the State level.

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I am feeling abandoned by the NRA. All the resistance seems to be local grass roots efforts here as Biden and Bloomberg toss favors and dollars around Denver like beads at Mardi Gras. Meanwhile, the NRA announces a big rally......in Houston!

I've been telling folks since the day after Newtown to keep an eye on their state houses. Basic defensive tactics. Always identify the most immediate threat. At this rate, the D.C. Gang won't have to do much at all. Many of the states will go the way of Mass, CA, NY, Chicago, etc. And we'll slowly watch our rights be crushed under the heel of liberal fear.

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Here in New Mexico, we're getting NICS checks at gunshows, and sharing of mental health data with the Feds. Our governor, Susana Martinez, would not sign anything beyond that. No AWB, no mag limits, etc. Most folks at the gunshows walking around with a firearm will meet the potential buyer inside, then walk outside behind the Buick and do the deal. The Dems here are only getting a token feel good bill.


Bob, I too am a little dismayed by the inactivity of the NRA, but as I noted before, they seem to not have a game plan for State legislation. Face it, the left in the US plays the political game better than the right. They're ruthless and take no prisoners. Remember the old saying: "Nice guys finish last". I think it's time the Right in the US starts playing hardball and flexes some real muscle or we will be out of business in the political realm.

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I wonder if the NRA simple views this as a less serious threat to the 2nd Amendment and is lower on the priority queue than other states.

And that they are spread too thin with the massively parallel attack on the 2nd Amendment in what appears to be much of the 50 statehouses.


Or perhaps they know something that we Coloradans don't know.

Like the governor and or senate wont ratify/sign.

The governor or senate has already been bought and paid for.

So it is inevitable and not worth any of their time.

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UB, would you want to contact NRA yourownself, and ask WTH is the NRA do'n to help Colorado??

I, for one would like to now.


I'll let you know what they have to say.

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