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Great match! Obviously...it filled up in the blink of an eye. We had the opportunity to meet and spend time with some crazy Canadians and Cali's (Californians) at Los Vaqueros weekend shoot (weekend prior to Bordertown) and at the BT Blast. Bordertown's side matches fun and got ya ready for "the big one." Main match targets set so close with stages scenarios so easy to understand most shooters walked away from this one feeling they'd just shot the match of their lives! Which happens to be the goal of Bordertown. Well organized and well run. Vendors row configuration made it feel like an Old West town's street! Thanks to the Board: Mean Rayleen (gonna miss you, girl), Pecos Clyde (who lost none of his powers w/o his ponytail), Silver Heart (who was EVERYwhere w/o rollerskates!) and Flint, who stayed to help tear down that massive tent!


POSSE 4 ROCKED! El Lazo was one of the best posse marshalls we've ever experienced! Timers couldn't wait to take over for one another...everyone worked and had good time.


Thanks, Nellie Blue (fashion guru), for constant website updates and final scores posted scary fast especially after that long weekend!


Whew! Sorry ya'll, I write like I talk...aLOT. :D

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What a match, indeed!


Vintage Bordertown stages, fast and furious, where any little stumble could drop you a TON in the standings!


The party on Saturday night was....spectacular...


Great match, great bunch of folks, and Posse 9 ROCKED!




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AWESOME match! A little bit of everything in stage design and VERY well balanced stages. A little bit of everything to accomodate all types of shooters. A "shooters" match put on by "shooters", if you know what I mean. These guys and gals really know how to put one on!


Thanks to the whole crew for a GREAT time!

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