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  1. What's fun is watching these guys go at it shooting the match! Great people, lotta laughs ... all the while putting on an incredible exhibition of CAS!
  2. Gut C, like his siblings and parents, sure bring life to a posse! Congratulations!
  3. Love those guys! Heck...the whole dang FAMILY!! Always a pleasure to shoot with!
  4. Your entire family just makes me smile everytime I see y'all at a match! What a pleasure it was to see you in Tombstone and all doing so well! Well done, Scrap P. You are all polite and hard working posse members with a positive spirit that is infectious! Can't wait to see you again!
  5. You rocked that match!! Congratulations! You made it! woohoo!
  6. I'm humbled by all of your remarks. Thank you! It was a a fun match and SO great to see everyone again ... FINALLY! Remember... BT applications come out in March! Hugs to each and every one of you!
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