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  1. My BSS has the same issue. It sticks sometimes with Winchester AA but never sticks with Remington STS.
  2. A Huskavrna hammer double (under lever) would have lots of style points & I have seen some folks that can run them at a respectable speed.
  3. You tell’em I’m coming & hell’s coming with me! :-)
  4. I like my AWA lightning:-) https://youtu.be/qiijSvaCRTY
  5. I shoot a pair of 3rd Generation 38sp Colts tuned by Bob James aka Arizona Tumber. They are as smooth as hot butter & have taken the abuse of the game without failing for 8 years.
  6. My stock AWA Lightning in 38sp. https://youtu.be/qiijSvaCRTY
  7. AWA Lightning. I love mine & won BW at the AZ State Championship with it. No issues unless I don't clean it after each match. Just remember to keep it firmly on your shoulder with your right hand & work the action vigorously with the left:-)
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