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38-55 cast bullets

Red Cent

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If I do not find them local I will order from them in a day or so. Will report back. Jack Be Nimble of North Carolina said he has used them for a back up on all his bullets when he cannot get local. No complaints.

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You might want to "slug" your barrel before you buy 1K bullets.


Bores really vary in diameter form maker to maker.


Just an FYI, the Desperado Cowboy Bullet folks make two different diameters in two weights just to try and cover the over bore rifles.


Ol' #4

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I have used about 3000 Cheycast bullets. They are similar to Oregon Trail or Meister bullets.

RC, give the Gun Store in Lexington a call. He has very good prices on Valiant bullets that have a similar hardness.

.38-55 bores run from .372 to .385. You may need to slug your barrel to get the right diameter.

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